everyone dunking on that reddit post in /r/atheism pointing out that those dead kids aren't in heaven. "huehue atheist moment"

first, they're right. we want to stop this shit because we don't believe anyone is in a better place. second, it's not like the poster was saying it directly to the parents of those kids.

everyone being pressed is just covering for the fact that they don't want to face the fact that nothing good came of this shooting. cowards hiding behind decorum. fuck 'em.

School shootings 

@wagesj45 In HS I was scarred by being forced to watch the “She Said Yes” documentary about the girl who the day before the Columbine shooting admitted to wishing to be a modern day martyr on camera and then during events of the shooting allegedly was asked if she was a Xian and murdered because “she said yes”.

I thought it an incredibly poor taste horror film. “Martyrs are guaranteed in heaven.” 🤢🤮🤮

School shootings 

@wagesj45 Also, I was the only one who found it incredibly sus how much her interest in being a martyr was (and how much her church found that worthy) AND how likely complicit she may have been in the shooting. (The day after confessing!)

Anyway, I almost understand the comfort of “they are in heaven now” but also holy fuck has some evil been done in the name of relying on/expecting that like it’s a given.


School shootings 

@wagesj45 Related to that the bullshit Baptist thing that they got real upset about abortions because those unborn kids weren’t baptized and “must” go to hell because they can’t be baptized in the womb. But actual kids “if they were baptized they are martyrs and go to heaven” 🤮🙄🙄🙄

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