Beer and Pride and I don’t know 

Akasha’s Goses of the Rainbow event was over the weekend but I missed it, so I’m making up for it (several beers in from another brewery, whoops).

Started with a full pour of the “Pay It No Mind — Marsha P. Johnson” arguably because of the Pomegranate + Cherry flavor, which YES, but also, uh…

Four ounce pours of the rest because I’m worried about how drunk I may get tonight.

Beer and Pride and I don’t know 

The “Don’t Postpone Joy — Edie Windsor” I couldn’t not laugh after each sip. Carrot, Peach, Pineapple Gose. Something about that combo just every sip was funny in a joyful way.

Beer and Pride and I don’t know 

The “The Black Unicorn — Audre Lorde” is maybe the other best of the bunch. Blackberry + Raspberry Gose, delicious

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