Anyone else feel like how Twitter and Tiktok increasingly don’t work without the apps installed a good reminder that you don’t want to spend time on those sites anyway?


Friends: I spend way too much time on Tiktok 😬🤣

Me: Huh? Every time I try to watch two videos in a row it yells at me to download the app and I… just don’t and move on with my day. 🤷 I appreciate that they have such an obnoxious “Are you still watching?” feature 😹

@max, I feel much the same way; most everything that's sent to me is so obnoxious that it seems like a greater cost to get to it and watch than benefit to have watched the thing.

@lucasrizoli Yeah, I kind of enjoy the stuff directly recommended to me or shared with me sometimes, but not enough to put up with algorithm recommended content. I really do appreciate that this “feature” stops me from falling into algorithm recommendations I don’t need/want

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