Idea: enabling "quote tweets" in Hometown but only for accounts that are self-identified as bots (aka the Service actor in activitypub). That way you're by definition not using the feature to dogpile on a person. There are so many times I want to surface some cool bot content but with a little commentary or context.

Note that this is just an idea, not a plan for Hometown. Curious to think what others think of it.


@darius I mute a lot of bots. If someone boosts a bot that I have need, that respects my mute. If someone replies to a bot, that respected my mute. If someone posts a link to a bot post “quote tweet” style, that does not.

Is there a reason to build a “quote tweet” style for bots rather than just use existing replies to bots? Still some fun ideas of how you could style Bot replies differently from non-Bot replies, but it doesn’t also serve to route around mutes/blocks.

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