Scent migraines 

What I thought was descriptive text was apparently a subtitle to the scent name. Fuck this company for subtitling a years old scent rather than giving it some other stupid name of its own. Fuck this company’s marketers for having descriptive text everywhere on the bottle so who knows what’s descriptive text and what’s “subtitles”.

I envy people that smells are not a migraine trigger to avoid and all the soaps and detergents a minefield of terror.

Think I can get a refund?

Scent migraines 

Second thought: could just be I was primed for a migraine today anyway (immune system) and it’s the same smell, just “fresh” because new bottle. Sigh

Scent migraines 

Still though I envy people where that’s not a thing they’d notice or need to care about.

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