Tales of Monkey Island 

Yesterday I replayed 3 and a half episodes of Tales and got to the parts I hadn’t finished in 2009. There’s a lot of weird emotions here for me. It’s brought up how rough 2009/2010 were for me and why I stopped playing these and never got back to them.

Tales of Monkey Island 

There’s a weird sort of nostalgia for some of these “Telltale action loops” before TWD mostly heralded the end of that style of puzzle.

These are where characters are animated as very busy (often a “fight”) in one part of a room, an action (often dialog) shifts the action to a different part of the room and eventually loops.


Tales of Monkey Island 

The “action loops” suck: they generally add a lot of repetitive animations and sound effects to make an otherwise standard puzzle seem busier and more complicated than they actually are.

But it defined years of TTG games.

The Quick Time Events and Almost All Dialog or Cutscene All the Time style of the post-TWD TTG was both worse and better for different reasons.

Tales of Monkey Island 

Anyway, it’s weird playing this now and feeling like there were two TTGs and these are among the last few episodes I haven’t played from that first “lost” TTG. (I still haven’t finished S&M S3 in part because I like knowing there are still a couple episodes left I haven’t played.)

Tales of Monkey Island (Spoilers) 

Tales E4 ends with this sense that Elaine *should be* the protagonist of E5, and that’s not where E5 starts, but seriously there should be an Elaine protagonist game

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