Star Wars 

I feel like Star Wars could have a better reference epoch than the Battle of Yavin. I get why it is a big deal for fans: it puts things in relationship to A New Hope. Also yeah if you take the title “A New Hope” seriously you can rationalize that battle being critical turning point and see it as an incredibly important moment, but also: only assholes tell time by war battles. (Yeah I’m calling out serious Star Wars fans and George Lucas, I guess.)


Star Wars 

There’s no reason to celebrate the signing date at the formation of the Alliance of Rebels? There’s no Constitution Day for the New Republic? Everyone wants to tell time by the destruction of the first Death Star? (Even after there’s been seven of them?)

At least the Destruction of Alderaan should have a “Space 9/11 Change Everything” / “Never Forget” vibe much more than “Remember that time a kid shot an exhaust port?” Even if that kid turned out to be a Space Wizard!

Star Wars 

Imagine if everyone told time in The Lord of the Rings based on the first visit Gandalf made to see Bilbo in the Shire in The Hobbit. We all know it was a momentous inciting event. But that’s not a reason build a whole calendar around it.

I realize Star Wars doesn’t really care about worldbuilding, and I’m complaining about something no one really cares about (not even me), but it does take me a bit out of it when titles decide to throw out a Year BBY, sorry.

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