Elote covered in crushed Flaming Hot Cheetos (Paired with Akasha/Shipping Port collab Victoria, a Mexican style lager with Arbol pepper)

Matrix: Resurrections 

Paused it here for a second and really captured by the “snow” extending out of the frame. Any other movie and I’d assume it was bad compression artifacts, but here I wonder

NSFW? #chrismastodon 

Hordak's helicopter seems very "designed for her pleasure"

I guess that's one way to sell toys

Nothing quite says "Fancy Space Coordinates" better than "I don't know, just copy your bank account routing info from your checks"

Future Day 

Texaco Compu-Serve

Probably not an intentional use of the CompuServe brand and meant to evoke Full Service/Self-Service, but funny accidental “AOL Time Warner” vibes here

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Star Trek Lower Decks (no spoilers; fan content) 

Oops forgot to reframe the photo for thumbnails

Mostly only will bug me, but here’s take two anyway

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Star Trek Lower Decks (no spoilers; fan content) 

Apparently Lower Decks is in the Discourse again. I don’t really know or care why. I’ve been really enjoying Lower Decks.

Also, thought I should post this avatar of mine for appreciation. (I use it on other platforms.)

I gave money to MS Society and amazing artist Lar DeSouza gifted me this social media avatar in return: a skant wearing Caitian Vice Admiral visiting the Cerritos. So cool.

The Two Genders, Viking Game Edition 

Ah yes, the two genders: Warrior and Shieldmaiden


The Three Genders (Questionably Monetized Mobile Game from Asia I Think Edition)


This beer was filled with glitter for Valentines Day and I didn’t see it yesterday, but today you can really see the glitter, especially in motion.

Extra lager with Arbol Peppers and Glitter. Name is “Love is Un-Fehr” which is a local beer joke. (Fehr’s Beer, pronounced like most pronounce Fair, was a local favorite for generations. Band tonight at the brewery is the Fehr Weather Boys.)

@taweret The nativity scene you have been asking for (found in the FB mines):

Food (autumnal, lewd?) 

Burger with bacon, apple butter, horseradish cheddar on rye. Got the idea from a friend. Burger is plant based, bacon is dinosaur based. It’s a really good combo. Could have used a better plant based burger though. (This kind was on sale, tastes like peas.)

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