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@telecrush I didn't get very far into MP3, but my impression was Rockstar doesn't quite understand Max Payne.

I feel like R* should just give the franchise back to Remedy.

Star Trek: Picard 

Disney's Gargoyles 

My NAS' status lights indicate it doesn't think it has an OS installed, likely because it doesn't even seem to be trying to read the disks. Wish there was someone I could have troubleshoot this for me.

(I'm not worried about having lost much if anything, but it bugs me not having a working NAS.)

Star Trek: Picard 


*Dove flies past in garage*

Me: What is this, a John Woo?

Cue: It’s Going Down For Real

Picard deep cut 

Picard deep cut 

@sinvega US Elections are worse than that, they are the football of 17776

(17776 was an interesting viral story vaguely about future football in the year 17776 where “games” take sometimes decades and thousands of miles to play, but was also introspectively sad tale of [post-]humanity at its most existential)

@shel @red Yup.

You also shouldn’t forget to remain skeptical of astrology/birth stone/“your {theme} name” virals that encourage you to encode your birthday as “silly” meme content, for the same reasons

@neal @taweret Nails done, hair braided, makeup on, fancier dress, and fancier jewelry all in a few seconds. The transformation is magic compared to how long such prep usually takes

Also, it reminds me of all those incel/Mad Men-esque memes about how some cis straight men really do seem to have a hard time realizing women without makeup are the same woman 😹

@directhex (Seriously, MtG is an amazing trove by itself of sometimes under appreciated artists delivering amazing stuff in a higher quality than you typically assume given the final product’s form factory. The wallpaper gallery can be a resource to finding artists:

@directhex You might laugh but probably the biggest hubs are things like DeviantArt or FurAffinity. Lewd commissions pay the bills a bit more regularly, but artists that can do lewds are also great with other stuff.

Also, any local con with an art show (or local art show)

Also the credits of most board and card games and book covers. Magic: The Gathering especially has a huge crop of rotating artists who often do great commissions in real life. (They make huge painting for tiny cards!)

@robotcarsley @taweret @linkskywalker I disagree, there’s been plenty of imagination in Star Trek projects and while canon “respect” is hard to measure, the movie folks auditioning for Star Wars got their wish and moved on to Star Wars and other projects. Bryan Fuller and Michael Chabon are smart show runner choices. Kurtzman is a fine EP divorced from the rest of Bad Robot, and sure his prestige TV puzzle box bg and Fringe (lit.) ideas infected DISCO, but it’s fine.

@robotcarsley @taweret @linkskywalker I think that’s exactly why I think DS9 implies cooking would be uncommon. The only cooks we see in DS9 do it out of passion (Joseph) or inherited it as a love language (Ben)

Passion is a scarce resource and Joseph is very clearly understaffed as you would expect of a passion industry

@robotcarsley @taweret @linkskywalker Voyager is, uh, Voyager and full of “systems malfunction” plot holes and needed an excuse for people to not just toss Neelix into an airlock.

Which also implies scarcity in that Neelix is the only one who can cook on the entire ship and sometimes implied to be the only cook in the entire quadrant.

(Aside: Neelix’s actor’s role on Avenue 5 is so amusing to me.)

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