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@hyperlink @chucker I don’t have a laptop. Sometimes it’s both phone, just couch versus bed

@nolan I wonder how much some of this is the Apache graveyard problem. A lot of the companies using Electron had bad experiences with Cordova, and there’s the impression that Apache is essentially done with Cordova now that PWAs are here (which they aren’t, especially on iOS).

Ionic Capacitor is going the distance to fix Cordova’s mistakes, update the platform, and align that style of dev more like what’s going on with React Native and PWA. Too late?

@taweret I think that’s the kind of nightmare when Funko’s designers try to make their own brands. Not only are they bad at other people’s brands, they found ways to invent terrible new ones. This one seems to have been inspired by a designer’s lunch, yet everything about seems to suggest the designer has never actually had a Hot Dog in their life, might have confused Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, thinks serial killers make good brands/mascots.

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@myconidiosyncracy It’s a zen adult ritual sometimes. Feel like I do it every week but math tells me I likely only do it twice a month tops. 🤣

I think a lot of folks don’t do Laundry. If I mention it on a game discord as reason for a five minute break to change or fold it, it really confuses folks.

@myconidiosyncracy I had to think about it for a minute. I guess I fold my underwear with my laundry every time? It’s not the same labor as say folding a shirt, but it’s still a nicer stack than not folding them. Also the interesting bit that I’ve been doing it so long I just internalized it and don’t really think about it or think of it as folding. Huh.

@myconidiosyncracy I think it was partly important to Nimoy because he helped design that aspect of it.

Though the insistence of directly upward has me wonder if perhaps more than just space elves, they are intended to be kind of “cat elves”. Space cat elves, actually that does kind of fit the behaviors. Spock was quite catty.

@mal @apLundell On that front, too it makes sense why Star Trek Admirals would get the brunt of redesign fever: they are often physically closer to the designers at headquarters, and there are fewer of them to outfit. Poor guinea pigs for designers with replicators, no one so many of them go mad.

@twee @mngrif Category generics aren’t the best one, they are the most common one, the most boring, the most mundane. Language doesn’t make much use of exceptions, it makes use of commonalities, and describes exceptions from them. (Bing is a better google, because better results. Duck Duck Go is a google with fewer ads and more sources. If you google it directly on Wikipedia you get a result with better citations. Etc...)

@myconidiosyncracy Also, as huge LOTR nerd, Leonard Nimoy was among the first to forever point out that Vulcan/Romulan ears should always be pointed straight up and LOTR elves (and thus most D&D elves, lets face it) outward or backward/crownward.

@myconidiosyncracy It’s almost your basic D&D High Elves versus Dark Elves stuff, but space elves and logic versus emotion instead of, er, order versus chaos. See totally not just space elves. 🤪

@myconidiosyncracy Don’t forget the more let’s say BDSM-inspired uniforms, too

@twee @mngrif That is, we the public know we’ve stripped brand power if Microsoft can put out an ad “results are better googled on Bing” and know a jury would never convict them for using the obvious verb.

Yes, it’s a small, petty resistance, but sadly that’s most of what IP law has left the general public.

@twee @mngrif Uh, that’s exactly what’s happening if they call it googling it no matter what search engine they actually use (or browser, or even confuse google with browser). It devalues Google-Brand Search as some fancy better “product” thing than “the rest”, it’s just one of many. Doesn’t matter necessarily if it benefits the alternatives, but we the public know we have won when it does.

@apLundell @taweret She was also considered the worst blernsball pitcher in history, so pitching offhanded might have been part of the problem.

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