@infernusgoatus @Taweret The can read the chore chart like any other roommate. They should be glad we let the talk us into only making them deal with flying pests every week. But some weeks there’s fruit flies everywhere and of course we’re going to judge the spiders for not pulling their weight in the household

@Taweret Finally, something to hope for in that weird Chalamet prequel they are making. I get the feeling from Chalamet films I’ve seen that he’d be up to delivering a dad joke of this caliber (though he’s still “Hollywood Teen” and would be a faux pa, probably). Though I also feel like with a name like Timothee Chalamet if he attempted a joke like this to follow it with a wink to the camera and hearty “hon hon hon” French laugh before returning to bad American idea of a British accent.

@Jo @thegibson Dalek version would end with Exterminate

@chucker I freaked out the other day when I tried to long press an xkcd comic to read the alt text and it highlighted words in the comic

I know how the sorcery works, yet still don’t expect to see it just happen there while trying to read dumb smart jokes

@chucker Yeah, both TOS pilots are just rough. So many Star Trek fans were made during syndication when the episodes were effectively on shuffle, and I think that’s where TOS most succeeds, on shuffle. TAS has the benefit of being the fourth and fifth seasons of TOS, though with the budget of a radio play (and arguably the animation of a radio play, zing). But also a lot of TOS’ best writers at the top of their game and some fun stunt writers (Larry Niven!). Best Vulcan episodes/most Vulcan lore

@Louisa @breakfastgolem @Taweret Be sure when your new blanket arrives each month to always put your old Sleeply blankets into the protective return vessel and ship it back! We recycle them for a better planet!

(* Reports of Sleeply blanket fires are exaggerated and the elevated fire safety rating of the protective return vessel has nothing to do with it.)

@chucker I think it’s easier to start with TAS than TOS. It’s not universally better than TOS’ best, and it reaches some weird lows of its own, but it’s fun and short and showcases some of things people love about TOS (minus Chekov who was “assigned to a different ship” during TAS)

@chucker I also seem to recall Beyond the Farthest Star is pretty good, though being Encounter at Farpoint is an easy low bar to clear

@chucker Right now I think my favorite of the pilots is Second Contact 😉

@purple Apple Maps on macOS has a desktop app.

Windows 8+ actually has a little used Maps app that was installed out of the box and so most people have it installed and don’t realize it.

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret Heck some of us 30 something millennials and older still had cursive classes and that’s even more obvious the keming is wrong, that’s bad almost cursive, and some teachers would have made you do a sheet full of repetitions until you got it right (and/or maybe a slap with a ruler depending where/how long ago)

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret This should be a pretty obvious keming fail at any age. I saw 60+ year old texting it to their kids


@fraggle @directhex Sounds like *Delegated* Proof of Stake apparently changes it from being a complete lottery and to lessen the “rich get richer problem” by basically adding representational government congressmachines/parliament. Lol that sounds exactly what blockchain needs: wealthy lobbiests and their bought congressmachines.

Ah, japes


@fraggle @directhex In *theory*. Ethereum is the only mainstream one running Proof of Stake still and only some of the time. They still think they need Proof of Work to bootstrap/test Proof of Stake…

But Proof of Stake is still a dumb waste of power: it’s a lottery of “rich get richer”. If you wanted to prove crypto wasn’t just turtles of Ponzi stacked on top of each other, not a great look

@Runner @christinelove Could be Speed Limit 30 if you squint at it like the top of the 3 was cut off?

@vanillacherry @thegibson

Crypto Idiocy.

Webpages with Ethereum wallet access, some Xanadu Blockchain Edition dream of satoshi micropayments paying for a “better web”

@Jetengineweasel @thegibson Climate change and crypto has me cynically feeling like the original applies even deeper:

I know not what servers will run web three, but web four will run on sticks and stones

spicy take 

@ben I find most of the reasons funny:

- “They block tor!” No they don’t; they put hCaptcha on exit nodes sometimes. Google: ReCaptcha on tor exit nodes
- “DNS over HTTPS is awful!” Because MITM plain text hacks are preferable? Google: People should use DNS over HTTPS
- “They’ve got a massive VPN!” It’s optional; aren’t you one of the ones telling everyone they should use VPNs for privacy/security?
- “The surveil CDN” Let me tell you about 90s Akamai (and DoubleClick, now Google)

@purple @alrs Plus the relatively closer roots of Spanish and Italian to Latin make them somewhat intelligible to French and sometimes English speakers, or at least that’s the theory

@purple @alrs My understanding is that it is exactly what the language was invented for: some weird idea that everyone would just chill and hang out together and have a good time if there was just an easy and chill language they could share. (I think that’s why it leans so heavily Spanish/Italian because that just sounded the most chill to its inventors)

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