@wagesj45 An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

I support banning all guns as a possible solution, but it’s a pain in the fucking ass that we aren’t even “allowed” to debate “ban semi- and automatic weapons” or “ban anything that isn’t a muzzle loader”.

We can’t get to real compromise if the Overton window has shifted so far that “ban assault rifles” gives people the vapors and “ban all guns” makes them run screaming away from actual debate


Admittedly, I realize this tactic itself of not directly addressing the proposition myself is a Fallacy fallacy or Argument from fallacy, but I never said that *I* was emotionless and logical interlocutor. Also, I’m mostly sure they don’t know this anyway. I may be a psuedo-intellectual, but I’m intellectual enough to be dangerous.

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Some idiot interlocutor on a friend’s FB post about ban “Ban All Automatic Weapons” whined the post was more “emotional than logical” and then proceeded to emotionally use a bunch of logic fallacies, so I’m taking a piss pointing out all the logic fallacies. People don’t even know what logic means these days or how logic works.

I know I’m just wasting my time and pissing them off, but it amuses me.

Microsoft BUILD 

ML fever is I suppose one reason I feel burnt out by the current software industry. All this spending on it, all these job description, and I just absolutely don’t find it exciting or that good of a use of time/resources versus outcomes to date.

I’m even working on/with more of it than I would like and am something of a local expert on aspects of running it. Woo, wasting my time on crap! (Can you tell I’m burnt out?)

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Microsoft BUILD 

Ah yes today is the keynote where I have to work very hard against my ML cynicism to keep my eyes from rolling all the way out of my head by the end of this crap

(It’s crap. It’s a circle jerk of bad feedback cycles masturbating bad feedback cycles. Such crap, wow. Look at all these cute demos people got the crap to do that will never work properly in the real world. Ooh, aah, sparkly demo crap. 🙄🙄🙄)


“Originalists”: The right to privacy doesn’t exist in the Constitution.

Originalist ignores the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 14th, …amendments

Me: 🙄

Also, Originalists: The “well regulated militia” clause in the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean anything

Me: 🤦

Originalists are morons

US gun violence 

@ifixcoinops I’m a strong supporter of what I call The Founder’s Second Amendment:

1) You can own all the muzzle loaders you want, but only muzzle loaders
2) But first you must pass a firearms course and/or serve your state’s National Guard

That’s it. It’s that simple.

(But also I feel that real reason the 2nd Amendment exists was to make the current standing US Army unconstitutional, and woof did it fail at that)

@sugar @breakfastgolem I’ve always assumed that’s why spellbooks look so thick

It’s like 90% travelogue and maybe 10% spells and you pray it is well indexed. But also you know there’s going to be some offhand mention of a weird ingredient twist or unanticipated side effect in between the banter of stupid things the rest of the party said and good wizards need to read the whole dumb thing (every time)

(That’s why it takes a long rest to prepare)


Elote covered in crushed Flaming Hot Cheetos (Paired with Akasha/Shipping Port collab Victoria, a Mexican style lager with Arbol pepper)

Azure DevOps 

Them, ignorant: Microsoft kills products just as often and easily as Google, Dude

*Me pointing at the walking zombie of Azure DevOps, with the Grim Reaper behind it checking their watch. It’s been 84 years.*

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Azure DevOps 

Damn it, Microsoft: just announce the DevOps shutdown already! It’s clear all the investment is in GitHub and since bharry retired the TFS org is basically dead/zombie and moving SO slowly.

All of this “both products have strong Roadmaps” shit is hilarious and sad (the current DevOps roadmap isn’t a roadmap, it’s barely a “maintenance goals”). Just stop stringing devs along, please. Rip the bandaid off, give us a real “Yes, it’s best to migrate to GitHub if you can”

@filipe @aral @michel_slm Do you think “bad people were going to do it anyway behind closed doors” justifies turning it into a slot machine millions of GPUs run out in the open? Sure the incentives are always there, but doesn’t the possibility at an immediate known casino heist or three create very different perceived incentives from less directly incentivized and slower zero-day discovery efforts?

Subtooting a big company’s interview process 

@chucker Anecdotally, I can’t think of the last time I saw that problem in the wild. Perhaps it is because people are far too eager to materialize early and often and in general have just over-compensated so much

Subtooting a big company’s interview process 

@chucker Sure, but my point is that ToList is always an “escape hatch” from LINQ to a specific data structure and usually in my experience the people I find most complaining about LINQ performance are actually complaining about List<T> performance and generally using List<T> in lieu of more appropriate data structures or in the way of better LINQ statements, IQueryable. That behavior doesn’t differ between Fx/Core, because it’s a human failing.

@wagesj45 Depends on a bunch of factors of if those replies federated or not first. Thread views are never “complete” views unless you are on the instance being replied to. You most often see it in responses to people asking for help that have been boosted to your timeline, sometimes there will be no replies federated (because the boost don’t/can’t federate them) but you respond and they may be “yeah, thanks you’re the Nth version of that reply”

Disaster B-Movie 

A dream about a flooding/flooded city. Ways you could tell it was a bad Syfy esque B-Movie:

- Physics defying surfing
- Badly over-dubbed
- A character named Scorpion with a face tattoo of a Scorpion whose only line was “I fucking love this job” about a task that was not actually a job and overdubbed to “I hella love this job”

Subtooting a big company’s interview process 

@chucker I say “(mostly) Linked List” because of course I know the default implementation of List<T> is “smarter” than that and uses a linked list of arrays as general behavior, but the asymptotic *worst case*, which can be important to O() notation (so much so it is sometimes referred to as Omega() notation), is a boring single linked list.

Anyway, I’m ranting sorry. As I mentioned elsewhere in this thread: I can’t shut this stupid firehose off.

Subtooting a big company’s interview process 

@chucker I really did once show an entire user group my big “secret” to C# performance improvement work: I start with Ctrl+Shift+F “ToList” and remove every use of ToList in the project. Every single person that has ever told me that “LINQ can’t perform well” and have given me a chance to improve their code abuses ToList and getting good performance isn’t even a challenge. (But I can do some if the challenges too.)

Subtooting a big company’s interview process 

@chucker Which is before you get to 90% of the stuff I see projects use IList<T> for, should be a Dictionary<K, V> or ILookup<K, V> or Hashset<T> or something like that. So many .FirstOrDefault() calls that should just be dumb[indexLookups]

Again, LISP has some optimizations for that because Everything is a linked list. In .NET: use appropriate collection types, PLEASE

Subtooting a big company’s interview process 

@chucker Related to that, I’ve delivered many rants about “ToList() considered harmful”. It makes (mostly) Linked Lists too easy, **but** .NET is not LISP and isn’t great at performance with (mostly) Linked Lists. So many poor performing .NET APIs with IList<T> as their API contract just because ToList() seems “easier” than AsEnumerable() or ToArray() 🙄

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