@thomasfuchs @fribbledom This has been obvious for a while in IPv6 usage charts because usage was lower during the work week than during evenings and weekends.

When everyone started in healthy at home initiatives in March, IPv6 shot way up versus IPv4.

@thomasfuchs @fribbledom Everyone is using it but Big Enterprise today. Every OS in current use prefers IPv6 if it can use it. Every mobile carrier has nearly required it for years (to the point iOS APIs went “IPv6 only”) as addressing mobile cell traffic is much more possible in IPv6. At least a third of all home traffic today, especially P2P, is IPv6. It’s businesses and old data centers with huge LANs and/or huge static IPv4 leases that are slow to adopt. Home users and ISPs had to adopt.

Ender’s Game dunk 

Arguing with strangers for who knows what reason that Ender’s Game is a bad book with gross politics just like its disgusting homophobic kooky religion writer.

I’m proud of myself for coming up with the dunk that the morality play is “end(er)s justify the means”. It works on so many levels.

@telecrush If it helps, the modern smartphone has at least five different radio signal bands it listens to (two to three WiFi bands, one to two bluetooth bands, two to three cellular bands).

There’s even talk about letting WiFi use some of the FM spectrum as analog radio stations disappear! (Rare WiFi 6 devices even supposedly support early versions of that.) Wouldn’t do you much good to record to cassette because WiFi frequency hops rather than modulates, but fascinating.

@red @bunne Rowling at least seems to be trying very hard to argue for a Murder of the Author approach to her books

@NOCARRIER @thegibson If a Windows dev still “has” to ssh, (real) OpenSSH client (and server if you need it) is a Windows Feature in 10. No more weird incompatibilities in bash scripts that PuTTY tools have different command line options to OpenSSH. No more weird PuTTY SSH Agent, add OpenSSH Agent to your $PROFILE, just like Linux.

PuTTY was a useful (transition) suite back in its day, but it’s unmaintained now, and a growing security risk.

@NOCARRIER @thegibson As a developer with some security mind (yeah, no developer is perfect), I’ve been trying to convince other Windows devs to get rid of PuTTY as no longer maintained ticking time bomb.

Git on Windows has vastly improved. Git Credential Manager for Windows is out of the box for years now, handles most of the Big Git Sites really well. (OAuth HTTPS access tokens with 2FA)

Add a couple “insteadOf” URL rules to auto handle git: and ssh: URL to https: URL rewrites in submodules.

bad pun but the pun is all in your mind 

@ben A favorite running joke for me in the Netflix Space Force, and it’s so juvenile but perfect, is that the real name of the (social) media manager (played by Ben Schwartz of DuckTales, Parks & Rec’s Jean Ralphio) is F. Anthony Something and everyone calls him Fuck Tony.

@nolan Like I said, I find it interesting that the Typescript team themselves feel it a priority that as much as possible they power all the best IDE experiences they can even in just JS projects in VS Code (and other LSP IDEs). It’s been a dedicated Release Notes section for many months to emphasize how much it is a strategic imperative.

Taking advantage of it isn’t always straightforward (it helps to know JSDoc and types packages at least, maybe jsconfig.json), but they are trying.

@nolan As for myself, I love the creative guide rails declaring the shape of types as I write code gives me. I love the compiler as a first crucial first pass unit test battery.

I would never start a JS project today without Typescript. But I recognize the benefit to flexibility, the usefulness of supporting a spectrum from IDE only “linting” to the strictest possible compile time type checking Typescript allows.

@nolan I believe that VS Code will happily give you that warning with the right jsconfig.json file in your project directory and/or fix up a missing type info (type package or JSDoc annotation).

Which feeds your argument that to some Typescript doesn’t fit many needs outside of IDE support tools, but VS Code’s JS IDE features are built on Typescript, and Typescript itself sees (JS only/mostly) IDE tooling as a primary pillar of its existence.

That last bit a weird reminder that the best friend and arguably the best director Will Ferrell has worked with is busy making mostly serious political films (though still a Producer on projects like this) and “Fire Saga” could have been something closer to the middle with just a few tweaks to actually confront Eurovision Song Contest politics.

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The sub plot that felt like it most overstayed its welcome for me (after the incest jokes if you can consider “possibly inbred tiny Icelandic hometown” a sub plot more than set dressing) was the most telegraphed for anyone familiar with Eurovision: the Russian singer that cannot admit to being gay because “no one is gay in Russia”. Played well, just not surprising, and maybe lacking much bite.

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Plot was exactly the paint-by-numbers you would expect from “post-MacKay” era Ferrell, where it seems mostly an excuse for Ferrell to get a nice vacation. (Casa De Mi Padre, the “ode” to the Mexican telenovela, also cowritten by Andrew Steele is the clearest and obvious comparison.) That the movie includes Ferrell shouting a line that Europe is not just the party town for Americans seems an obvious and intentional fourth wall breaking admission. 🤣

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Had time to digest my thoughts more.

About the only qualm with “Fire Saga” was that it had a few too many incest jokes, hence the (?).

It was obviously differential to Eurovision itself, which should be unsurprising given the name and logo were licensed. And captured the feel of the contest rather well, that it fills at least this boring American’s annual interest in Eurovision for a year without one.

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@Taweret I just finished watching the Netflix documentary*.

*Yes, I know it is not a documentary.**

**But I know we all hope a goofy office comedy is the worst version of what happens in real life, so yes I choose to believe it is a documentary.

I got a big kick out of the interactive Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode.

One Easter egg that nearly killed me involved the "Skip Intro" button.

Felt like some closure I didn't expect on the main series from such a strange offshoot. "That was a fascinating transition."

The Will Ferrell Eurovision movie was cute and kind of sweet (?).

@red The WPA [Works Progress Administration] of the New Deal built so much of the country’s infrastructure last century. I think a lot of the “Green New Deal” plans thrown around don’t have the guts to propose a WPA 2.0, but that is exactly what we probably need.

(The WPA included Green initiatives for its time. Most National Parks were built or cleaned up by the WPA. Even some of the big dam projects had relatively Green goals.)

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