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@Taweret @robotcarsley @Tel “Teen Edgelord’s First Watchmen: The Series”

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@FiXato @Taweret Maybe we have always known who is behind Funko

Today I got a spam email whose footer looked close enough to MailChimp’s that I bothered to click the unsubscribe link and it just linked to a screenshot of an unsubscribe page somewhere randomly in the WordPress image CDN. 🤪

Vegan food 

Also why I suppose I’m subtooting this on Mastodon and not Facebook because they’d probably respond and I’d feel more guilty.

Anyway tl;dr delicious Bourbon flavor on this peach crumble

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Vegan food 

Also yeah the restaurant is great enough they probably would have accommodated if I had asked or said something, but I don’t want be that special requests person, even when I know a restaurant loves me that much they are happy to do it.

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Vegan food 

Also why I did not ask what base they use for ice cream because I’m not masochistic enough to intentionally do this, but I know my limits and would have hated to turn dessert.

Hopefully maybe it is almond and future stomach will be fine

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Vegan food 

Tonight’s giant box from V-Grits included for dessert a peach cobbler with vegan Bourbon ice cream. Pretty sure the ice cream is coconut based and I’m going to have stomach regrets for eating this, but my taste buds insist the killer Bourbon and vanilla taste is worth that pain. Future stomach doesn’t always like present tongue, but how can present tongue be so wrong with flavors like these?

Ken Burns style narration of current affairs b/c I am losing it 

When what I believed to be a small force returned I was excited to be able to finally nuke their home base from orbit. I expected them to be demoralized and perhaps die in sadness and misery at my clean maneuver.

Yet, somehow emboldened, and in greater force than I expected, these turd farmers have finally discovered my kitchen stronghold. I fear I may be in danger of demoralization now.

Yours with lysol tears, —Max

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Ken Burns style narration of current affairs b/c I am losing it 

Dearest correspondent,

I had a lull of enemy inactivity for several weeks, but I remained vigilant and hopeful. Despite the hygiene theatrics happening outside my four walls I finally managed to secure proper bleach armaments in my find, so I was vigilant and hopeful.

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Anyway, so I can’t help but do refrigerated truck logo spotting on these walks and today was interesting. (This particular lot the minority have the slaughterhouse’s own logo, most are random transport companies.)

One today was an eggroll company truck, which I guess makes sense: pick up some pork straight from the factory.

The other was a floral arrangement company truck. In the movies, clearly a heist is about to go down (pork heist? soccer heist?). Maybe people like pork flower arr.?

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Been walking a big loop around the new soccer stadium to meet my watch exercise goals. To its east is an “overflow” lot for refrigerated trucks for the big slaughterhouse. Itself always (!) “overflowing” to the point of two-three trucks double (to quadruple) parked on Stadium street parking.

(Cops are supposed to fine it when they see it, I believe, but it’s big business so those fines are just operating costs.)

@chucker In that specific use case, basic Bootstrap stripping can be done by importing in SCSS only the Bootstrap modules you need.

Though Bootstrap is a real heavyweight and if you don’t have specific branding needs to use Bootstrap styles you’d probably be better starting with some other much more minimal framework.

@chucker Most of what I’ve seen of that has been mostly bottom up “module styles” things like CSS in JSX libraries that piggy back on ES2015 module tree-shaking and require you to treat CSS as ES2015 import/export. Or prollyfills of CSS Modules.

I think the general consensus is that the Cascading in CSS makes it too hard to treeshake generally top down. I’d be surprised if no attempts exist, but I’m not aware of any in general use.


Ah yes, America’s favorite~ massive law firm wearing the decaying rotted skin of a software company.


Sometimes you just want to use all the wasabi until you are just wasobbing, you know?

@lordbowlich @pixelpaperyarn Some git wiki tools will do that

Off the top of my head I don’t know one that is entirely an SSG. This is the one I have been most familiar with:


“Captain, what’s this no fly zone here between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, is it like our Neutral Zone with the Romulans? I thought we had a treaty with Kilingons?”

“Oh goodness no Ensign. That’s the Cat Belt. Some of those cats are worse than the Klingons. It’s a heck of a refit to get the right squirt phasers if we want to warp through there.”

@apLundell I keep debating if STO’s Ferasan would be classified a splinter clan of Kzinti or a third species altogether. I rather like the idea that the Alpha Quadrant just has a rich “Cat Belt” of anthropomorphic cat species.

@apLundell It doesn't help that most of my ideas involve a deeper exploration of the cultures of the Caitians and the Kzinti, involving possibly a huge war budget and also probably seeking out Larry Niven's direct approval.

But how else am I going to use my minor in Man-Kzin Wars Studies?

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