@apLundell My favorite realization here was that the practice originates from Japan, right? With CJK characters those reveals would be syllable and word at a time, right? Whoever first did that with Latin characters absolutely missed a trick doing that one at a time. Then everyone copied that badly. English word at a time isn’t that bad (not great, but bearable), English letter at a time is awful and should be banned.

@Taweret yeah you should also bring in ‘da funk’s own brother. no reason to leave family out in the cold

@apLundell Then why is the cheese aisle refrigerated? QED 😼

Velveeta is vegan right? There’s no way dairy products stay that shelf stable for that long. I’ll admit I’ve been cheating by adding extra Parmeesian cheese on top of the Velveeta Shells & Cheese, but I’m still not convinced the Velveeta itself is dairy. Weird kinda gross, but super convenient, American industrial by product, sure. But dairy, how exactly?

@Taweret I was glad upgrading to fax machine toots, but you had to choose between faxing a toot and dialing in your modem to read the toots from the local toot BBS

@Taweret You joke but … I used to not trust Wasps at all but then I read that Wasp anatomy and migration patterns are the most likely reasons that beer and bread yeasts survive the winter in the wild. Wellness Wasps indeed if we have to thank them for our winter beers and breads

@thermous @thegibson I haven’t yet met the Prog Rock band with too many Theremins

@chucker Semi-related I saw some statistics that show that general cross-species obesity rates correlate extremely strongly with atmospheric CO2 and that if correlation is anywhere near causation fat deposits may be the mammalian response to global climate change carbon sequestration needs, and that is chilling, sad, and systemically unsolvable without actually addressing far bigger issues.

It’s on the list of sociological things like the Lead-Crime Hypothesis we might never see proved, tho

@thermous @thegibson I’m in. I can almost play a theremin. (Probably good enough to fake that I can play it, as most people don’t know what it sounds like played well anyway.)

@chucker In some ways it was an early glimpse of what XP ended up being (the ability to run early Win16/Win32 apps but with the stability of the proto-NT kernel). In other ways it was a bizarro world design-by-IBM-committee Mac OS 7: the “Presentation Manager” (IBM is bad at names) shell was an “object oriented” spatial navigation system. It even had a fun FORTH variant for weirdo AppleScript (REBOL).

@chucker I still remember my OS/2 WARP phase. It was the best way to run DOS and Windows 3.11 apps (except for some games, I wasn’t some noob, I had like a dozen boot entries for all the EMS settings combos I needed) right up until it wasn’t and it didn’t matter any more because it’s all about that Windows 95 now

@sinvega I have been struggling not to say this out loud. Largest American Conservative conference just used a stage that was a Nazi SS “Nordic” Rune and seeing it in my FB timeline nearly gave me a stroke. I’m not a violent person by nature, but my grandfathers didn’t both get purple hearts in the War for us to tolerate any of this with anything less than violence. 🤬

COVID Tourism 

It’s a Saturday. It’s almost sunny (mostly not), and somewhat warm (not really), and so large mobs are out roaming my neighborhood it seems.

Heard one group excited to be “up from Jasper” (TN? MS?) and another comparing how early it was still “back home” in what sounded like MST.

Good for local businesses, I guess. Not great for my anxiety, sure.

the flash 

@Taweret Give him a bit? He kind of grows on you. He’s definitely a bit of a stretch early on, but over the season he becomes a much more well rounded character …

(Terrible puns intended)

Bliss (Prime Video “Original”) (Spoilers) 

So the “twist” from the other movies (and book) mentioned was making it far more explicitly about drug use, which hugely weakened its stakes, most of its attempts at believability (it broke my suspension of disbelief in critical ways), and greatly watered down the emotions of the ending, in my opinion. Overall, not a great movie. Watch the others, I guess.

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Bliss (Prime Video “Original”) 

So everything about this film seems a retelling/clone of Simulacron-3/Welt am Draht (World on a Wire)/Thirteenth Floor including some shared imagery (the way pools are shot), with a couple subtle bits of ExistenZ body horror thrown in. Yet there is no “Based on” or “Inspired By” credits. I’m not sure if writer/director Cahill thinks we are fools or doesn’t want to point people to the better versions that were cribbed from?

@georgespolitzer @Taweret I described this as the “Highlander-style Superman Quickening” today in a post and I stand by that reasoning that Superman is the Highlander. I almost wouldn’t be surprised if DC managed to convince us Krypton was that planet from Highlander 2 and this was some absurdly long con to make Highlander 2 relevant again. 😼

@andrhia (I still find it fascinating that English is one of the only languages in the world where the meat of an animal is called something other than the name of the animal when considered food. Food words are weird sometimes superpower/sometimes kink of English mostly arising from 14th Century classism.)

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