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Sorry. I muted the evangelist. Am bored of the conversation too.

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I’m basing my ocean boiling on the fact that running millions of hashes a second just to luck out with at least enough zeros is one of the stupidest and least useful things on the planet. At best it’s a cute waste of energy so some people can play drug lord or MLM marketer. At worst it’s one of the largest distributed attacks against one of our key cryptographic hash functions speeding up the loss of security on the internet.

Go preach elsewhere.

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I love merkle trees. I use git nearly every day. I absolutely don’t trust git to back a payment system. It is a good storage tool, but I also know the problems a rebase-only strategy to git creates and I’ve yet to see a “blockchain” solve rebase/merger satisfactorily. Proof of Work is an idiot’s lottery and so far none of the other Proofs have cleared the hurdle of solving basic math proofs to their consistency, much less economic game theory.

@craigmaloney @dsfgs @sean Sorry, I don’t normally go off like that. It’s a bad week for me.

Though I’m increasingly frustrated as a software developer that Blockchain isn’t “tech”, it’s definitely more of a religion. Have you heard the good word of Blockchain? It will solve all your problems. 🙄

@RexfordGTugwell @taweret Yeah, that’s probably the best-worst part. Think of how many Newtons of force Newton must use to spin in his grave that people would disrespect his religion in his own name.


@dsfgs @sean @craigmaloney Proof of Work Blockchain is a boil the ocean ponzi scheme that is one of Tech’s biggest mistakes right now, that science fiction tried to warn us away from many times.

There doesn’t exist a working Blockchain that isn’t Proof of Work, or just a fancy dumb name for 60s data structure concept Merkle Tree. To Blockchain anything is either evil in the first case or disingenuous marketing in the latter.

@michel It reads exactly like a rant from the HBO show Silicon Valley and that’s pretty much exactly what I think about it. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Maybe Jack should start by taking the Tethics pledge.

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@taweret This is Whills erasure and I’ll have none of it

@taweret @witchfynder_finder He looks he was held up at gun point to dance to a particular maybe racist Bangles song that was stuck in my head just looking at that pose

@ItsMorgan @Red People keep telling me that it is possible to play it without sex mods and it has lots of sales on consoles that seem to prove it, but why though? Vanilla Skyrim baffles me





If there were, none likely have survived computers. As a part of Unicode standardization they’d always have at least one defined order: the order the Unicode committee accepted.

Before that the big forces ordering alphabets were things like libraries and phone books. Probably lots of cultures never thought to order alphabets without such needs.


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