@Louisa @Taweret At least such blipvert programming doesn’t cause our heads to explode (as Max Headroom worried would happen) or Funko would have a lot of millennial deaths to answer for with deep cut Pops like this.

@Taweret @Louisa You should probably avoid Ebay listings for McDonald’s Happy Meal stuff, then. That was my other option for a link to drop, and an even worse illustration of the “fandom”.

@Louisa @Taweret Yeah, I don’t know why my brain devoted any space at all to remembering that McNugget Buddies were a thing that existed as a Happy Meal gimmick in my childhood (as so Funko doesn’t get all the blame for this bizarreness, you can thank McDonald’s 80s and 90s marketing for some of the some of the insanity).


I can’t answer why Funko Pop needed to rebuild in new plastic such travesties of old plastic, but here we are.

@rafial @thegibson Hatsune Miku’s real age is catching up to her stage age.

(Built in 2007, almost exactly ten years after Idoru was published. Her stage age is 16, so she’ll meet that in 2023.)

(Also there were already Japanese virtual idols when Idoru was written; Gibson didn’t entirely invent that whole cloth, just extrapolated to where we basically were ten years ago/ten years ahead of when he was writing.)

@Taweret @apLundell It’s also possible to reassemble them into unsolveable states and really drive someone who knows the solution algorithm mad.

@Taweret @apLundell I’m partial to the easy solution of disassembling them and reassembling them, myself. Nothing to learn but how and where to apply force to gently pop one open. The interior is fascinating and you get such a neat look into operating principles such as the center pieces are all fixed in place, everything else rotates around them.

@purple So far my favorite joke of this is the one on the Choose Your Own Adventure of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. (Kimmy versus the Reverend) The Unbreakable theme song is like a 20-30 second clip from a longer 2-3 min song that was previously only ever posted in full on YouTube. In the CYOA pushing the Skip Intro had the character autotuned singing the intro shout at the player/viewer for skipping their work and then it played the full 2-3 min version of the intro. Glorious.

Cracks me up that Disney+ added a “Skip Intro” button to S2 of The Mandalorian because the title sequence in S2 is just two title cards (show title, chapter title) and like not even twelve bars of music. Like 5 seconds tops to skip. Hilarious.

Streaming Wars 

I love Spanish commercials. I also love how every time I watch a show in Spanish I get Spanish commercials on other platforms for a while in case I am a Spanish speaker.

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Streaming Wars 

@apLundell Yeah so much of sports watching is just “the commentator is speaking faster and shouting a bit more, I should probably look up at the screen for excitement” (or walk back in from the other room and hope to catch the replay). That’s definitely universal across languages.

Streaming Wars 

I still don’t understand what I am paying for with ESPN+. Today’s college football game is on ESPN, but that apparently doesn’t count and I can’t watch it. But it asked if I wanted to watch the game in Spanish which is on ESPN3 and thus +. This is dumb.

I am watching the game in Spanish, because why not.

Dumb shower thoughts 

It occurred to me that had English not stolen the word for avocado and instead left it to the sorts that named for instance the butternut squash, it would most certainly be called a greencheese nut.

Anyway, I could use more greencheese nut sauce to dip in the remaining half bag of tortilla chips looking forlorn on my kitchen counter.

Insurance in Corporate Dystopian America 

Finally remembered why my eye care insurance keeps emailing me every month “Thank you for getting your vision checked” as if I just did it. It’s a “helpful” reminder that I “forgot” to buy new glasses last time and eye care insurance is directly in the pockets of Big Eye Glass and the system is upset at me not wasting hundreds of dollars on “fresh fashion”.

Another reminder every medical insurance in America is fraudulent and not in consumer interest.

Star Trek: Discovery 

I know CBS is used to an older audience, but they need to give up on these recaps before every episode. They’ve gotten so point it feels like it’s own half hour “pre-show” now.

Actually that probably would be a great idea. The Picard and occasionally other shows after show is already called “Ready Room”, which is the perfect name for a pre-show, just move the recaps into it instead of teasers for next episode. Serve the audience that needs reminders and make binging easier.

Destiny 2 Gripes 

Eventually I fuzzily remembered/kind of realized that I could grab a blue helmet from Collections for glimmer, so that finally put me on par with the Power levels I was seeing while being one-shotted in every zone.

Parity with every zone, ugh. My casual lamer approach to Destiny has always been to do Update - 1 content because I hate combat at equal Power. So I can’t just do Moon quests like I had planned because they upleveled it. Lame. Guess I’m done with the game for a while.

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Destiny 2 Gripes 

Logged in to try the new update and everything was broken. Enemies in *every* zone and quest just responded “immune” to shots, and I was getting killed with single bullets everywhere. I tried every zone/quest wondering if I was just missing a “character upgrade” quest somehow (that happened before).

Eventually I pieced together it tried to auto-upgrade my equipment inventory but wound up just eating some of it, including 0ing out my equipped helmet and not leaving me a backup.

one of those political alignment charts, star trek 

@apLundell @Taweret @SeanAloysiusOBrien Also, a strange choice of Ferengi for the chart given Nog is a Federation believer and his father a Union organizer. But even if they had used Quark (or Brunt or you know just about any other), the Ferengi are quite Authoritarian as we are all well aware of their love for their Grand Nagus. Whoever put this chart failed at even basic Star Trek knowledge. 😹

@Taweret @apLundell You should have CWed this horror, I was under prepared 🙀


@sean I was laughing at how many "Here's how you abuse Twitter login links to access any website you want on the hidden PS5 web browser" articles have already popped up in various places

robot wolves 

@Taweret One of them is Mega Wolf and the other is Proto-Wolf, long thought dead, but alive and controlled/brainwashed by the evil Dr. Wily

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