Random Star Trek thought 

@apLundell In the TNG era the lore itself seemed equally confused if the Trill were a separate species or just humans and the spots a representation of the symbiote bond. (Not to mention the confusion with the more hostile symbiote species in TNG.)

DS9 played that confusion off as the Federation themselves learning exactly that sort of conversation at a meta level.

@nolan I’m not saying there aren’t good reasons for Babel to keep living. I just feel we should be past the “millions use it in their build steps” phase and that it’s such a “foundational” part of most build tools and project build stacks seemingly FAR more out of momentum than direct necessity. (I think a lot of projects are still downleveling all the way to ES5 out of its own weird cult momentum plays a big hand in it, of course.)

@nolan The remaining exceptions (JSX/TSX, “decorators”) can be handled by Typescript at a fraction of the install size. Most users of “decorators” (what a dumb pair of TC-39 proposals those have been) are already stuck with Typescript’s (quirky, first retracted proposal-based) experimental flag as the only behavior they support anyway. It would be harder to convince everyone that uses JSX that Typescript is a better transpiler than Babel, but using Babel only for JSX is overkill.

@nolan I hate to say it, but other than momentum, does Babel really need to be that foundational in 2021? In this “all Chromium” world sticking to JS that meets current caniuse statistics is easier than ever. Most of what people think they need Babel for is not much more recent than ES2017 and ES2017 (and more) has strong browser support today.

I appreciate Babel was a useful bootstrapping language lab for getting is here, but, uh, haven’t we arrived now?

@breakfastgolem @derek As a fan of expanded mythos and bizarre mythologies, Reloaded is my favorite. Though I’m odd in that I hated the first Matrix the first time I saw it, and some of the expanded mythos stuff in Reloaded directly fixed some of my problems with the first film. (Dark City, The Animatrix, and behind the scenes interviews fixed others.)

@xmakina @Taweret YouTube autoplay is the first thing I always turn off. I can’t believe anyone finds that russian roulette wheel of crap useful

@pixelpaperyarn I like this tab tree extension I use in Firefox. It gives you a sidebar where it groups tabs automatically based on how you open them but you can also drag/drop rearrange them. The tree resembles how I work with tabs in general.


@adam @thegibson It seems to be an interesting attempt by some restaurant industry associations to gaslight America into trying to forget that most of these places did this to themselves with huge layoffs last year.

The sign seems to really say “We don’t regret how badly we treated our employees, we’re sure they’ll be back eventually.” I’ve been making a note of places I see like that, might be time to boycott them all in labor solidarity.

shadow and bone 

@Taweret I heard at least one fan of the books was angry that they included stuff from future books and are smashing together the timeline… and then another person who’s opinion I trust more was like “nah, that makes sense, the timeline is stupid anyway, there’s basically no world building in the first trilogy or so and the show is going to be better than the books by just smashing all the good stuff in up front” 😹

“Basically no world building” 😹

@Taweret The real liars are the ones who claim to remember whatever happened in Dark Knights Rises

@Louisa @Taweret If you use Swedish Fish they’d have a fun red herring to accuse as the cause of death

Lewd bot behaviors 

@ben That’s one way to avoid Skynet scenarios I suppose, build in sadomasochism to at least some AIs.

Bot 367891: “Oh yeah, I’ve been a bad bot. Tell me how bad that request was, webserver daddy. User agent? I hardly know her agent.”

@directhex More cats with jobs! And those shouldn’t just be Windows exclusive

@apLundell It originally was planned to have “Nickelodeon’s” in the title, but I don’t think it is going to air on that cable channel anymore and just go straight to Paramount+. It’s an animated kids show.

The premise sounds like it will either be amazing or a disaster: Captain Janeway (!) is leading a group of (baby sitting?) young, mostly alien kids

@jauntywunderkind420 Users picked Chrome after a decade of “Works best in Chrome” and “Best experience in Chrome” in Google Search, in YouTube, in Google Hangouts, in Google+, on Android, it was “force bundled” with Google Toolbar and Adobe Acrobat and Java… Literally everything coercive IE6 did. If one is malice/force/coercion then the other is or none of them are.

Again IE6 was briefly the best browser of its time. It got most of its users “organically”, too. Google has run the same playbook.

@jauntywunderkind420 @nolan It wasn’t a PR disaster because “People are happy with Chrome”. IE6 was the best browser for a while and people were once happy with it too. It didn’t become a PR disaster until it was too late. Until it stopped updating and people realized there was no second browser to return to.

@jauntywunderkind420 @nolan I’m not defending IE6, I’m defending the last Palm Pilot Browser versus IE6. I’m defending the last Netscape browser versus IE6.

I’m not sure it’s the best thing for iOS to keep everything locked to a single browser option, but I do know that iOS is the last reason most corporate web people are “forced” to test a whopping two browsers, because the executives have an iPhone in their pocket. If that falls, the web starts to look a lot more “Chrome Only”.

@jauntywunderkind420 @nolan I don’t know where you’ve been but the apocalypse already happened. Google DID actively demand users switch to Chrome and they followed in droves on PC. It was so successful they murdered the Spartan rendering engine (Edge classic) and now Edge is hanging on by a thread as a Chromium clone. It was so successful that Firefox is on life support and on the brink of collapse as a business. Safari is the ONLY second browser to test left.

@jauntywunderkind420 @nolan The iOS Safari “monopoly” is possibly one of the last protections against the worse Chrome/Chromium monopoly problem. Because we all know that given the choice iOS users aren’t going to flock to Firefox, they are going to get brow beaten by Google search and Youtube and Google Maps et al to install Chrome for the “best” “experience”.

@Blakely @RedC “But Arwen and Aragorn?!” I hear from the crowd.

He’s named after her because he’s a distant relative and she’s sort of named after him because of a dumb prophecy about her eventual husband. That’s like the direct opposite of romance, that’s some gross incestuous blue blood royalty stuff mixed with fairy tale incestuous time bending.

Also the text in the book is basically not much more than “Guess we’re getting married now because I need a queen. 🤷”

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