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Saw a local TV ad on a TV in a bar that finally explained a mural I'd walked past for years and been confused by.

@mogwai_poet Pointer moves/wiggles more. There are accessibility options similar to blinking: Pointer trails and cursor locator animations.

That realization how users may have other typing/clicking habits than you. Finally realized that I could reproduce a bug only if I released the enter key slower. No wonder I never saw this in my own testing, I'm much more deliberate and staccato in my own habits.

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@mogwai_poet My father has basically done that as long as I can remember. Used to roll my eyes at it all the time, but maybe I understand it more now.

What if Elder Scrolls finally discovered its Eldest Scroll, and it turns out to be one Final Fantasy?

@mogwai_poet @weird_hell @andreadellacorte The Keybase client is open source and many of their server protocols are relatively well documented, if that helps.

Noodling on how a Heart of Darkness take could have worked for Star Trek where STiD failed: 1) No Khan, 2) start an off-screen "war on terrorism" with Romulus because Nero, 3) A strong Romulus and a war of attrition could have many Vietnam War parallels. It still would suffer from hugely diverging Kelvin timeline from Prime, but it would have been a more interesting story.

@HTHR Sometimes I especially think about design docs on lost hard drives. Ghost games and stories that will never get made/finished now. There are at least a few I recall thinking were really good, and I sometimes wonder if they would still be good if I read them today, which I cannot.

The best thing about the new "Global Clipboard" thing in Windows Insider Previews right now is the happy, smiling clipboard icon when it is empty. Sure, it's finally a better version of what Windows 3.1's Clipboard Organizer thought it was (and Office's enhanced Clipboard tools sometimes actually are), but I'm here for the service with a smile.

@deadsuperhero I prefer Rocko's Modern Basilisk

@deadsuperhero There is no Python split, Only 3. Anyone stuck in 2.x at this point is the sort that still claims the superiority of COBOL or VB6. Speaking of which, for your project, have you consider COBOL on Cogs or VB6 on Vibrating Barrels?

@deadsuperhero So in the tutorial you find yourself constantly waiting for Godot– to tie together?

I still haven't written that manifesto on AI and Bot ethics I've threatened to several times, but YouTube's terrible Autoplay feature reminded me that I should.

The AI algorithms haven't had some major breakthrough from the last AI booms/binges. We've just accelerated GIGO.

Sea of Thieves Skellies never seem to understand the elegance of Parlay, nor the proper art of Insult Swordfighting, and yet I will never stop trying to them.

@deadsuperhero Don't forget to also watch In Like Flint if you haven't lately, get the full experience

@deadsuperhero I like that duology; Austin Powers makes the mistake of referencing the film directly, so I sought them out. It's hard to watch Austin Powers after that, given how much was just outright stolen, with less of the charisma and timeliness (with respect to Bonds under parody) of the Flint movies.

@ayy @lain How else can I market my multi-modal expressive brand without the right synergy energy from my fonts?~