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@andrhia Looking it up it looks like the words raisin and prune arose from the same classism that gave English most of its fun food words and divide between the name of the thing that is farmed and the foot that is plated (pig/pork, cow/beef, chicken/poultry, etc), as the French speaking Normans did most of the eating and the English peasants the farming. Raisin closer resembles the French word for grape. Prune might be from a mispronunciation of plum in a French accent.

@RedC “Beta Ray Bill is proof that Odin loves all the Galaxy, not just the Selfish Human Race. In His Wisdom, He Granted the Powers of Thor to Beta Ray Bill and to Throg, the Mighty Frog, so that Galaxy might see that All Creatures Are Blessed by Odin from the many armed Beta Rays to the smallest Frog and Everything in between.”

The History of Time Travel 

Cracking up at discussions of Indiana as a place no one would want to go to or live in unless forced to by a secretive war time government project. 🤣

@cmdr_nova Yeah, people with the disposable income to waste on unfinished “Early Access” games with bad reviews sure sound like boring people, is the obvious takeaway from Larian’s findings

@mhoye @darius The new Windows Terminal is great, too. It’s an easy install from the Store or from GitHub.

I’ve been happy with WSL since WSL1, but I mostly only use it for the occasional Ruby apps/scripts. (Jekyll mostly.)

ssh tech mystery, solved 

@darius Putty does seem to be “retired to a farm upstate”. It was a great tool for a long time, but hasn’t kept up to date, is no longer supported by its original author and newer alternatives are often recommended.

Windows 10 has the (real) OpenSSH client built-in and out of the box these days (and an OpenSSH server as an easy to install optional feature). I don’t know of GUI tools like WinSCP to take advantage of it though.

@breakfastgolem “Uploading is for nerds”

A lot of ISPs seem to be in the “Always Be Downloading” camp

@apLundell Certainly both “durability” systems with repair consumables and “stamina” systems with consumable stamina refills/boosts are related enough concerns to be comparable.

Passing of Time 

So around this time last year I was still eating out every meal. People were worried about some sort of Chinese virus or something, so I was particularly eating at favorite Chinese restaurants like twice/thrice a week. They were mostly empty and felt like family. In a couple weeks everything went weird, of course.

This week I made a simple stir fry with store bought Hunan sauce. It’s not the same. It reminds me how much stuff changed. I’m eating alone at home. I miss restaurants.

🐦This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck🐦 

@directhex That is what Tim Burton thought and animated some time ago. (Feankenweenie)

@apLundell They’d have to come up with some sort of ending. Stephenson tends to forget to include those in a lot of his books. I’d be curious to see what TV writers might attempt to get out of the esoteric wordplay second act that won’t make sense outside of a novel and some how tack on a third act.

(I loved the book, but three act structure it did not have.)

Gross dream imagery 

So in the middle of some sort of zombie/monster apocalypse thing a pair of protags get assigned a bunch of fetch quests by some scientists group culminating in the formation of a “yellow sauce” for telekinesis.

Advice: Maybe don’t drink the yellow sauce no matter how many super powers it is supposed to grant you.

Protag partner on the final yellowing ingredient after gagging: “What? They said I had to quickly up the water content and I didn’t have a lot of other options.”

@directhex @fraggle Yeah, I still miss running Windows 10 on my phone, and this cat emoji issue was another reminder why 😿

@directhex @fraggle I’ve long appreciated that Segoe UI Emoji has a more varied set of Cat modifier emoji than is Unicode standard or supported on any other platform. (Ex: Ninja Cat, Astronaut Cat, many other job having cats)

That these have not been Unicode standardized already seems a hugely missed opportunity by the standards board.

(I’d include a few examples, but typing this on cat emoji deficient iOS.)

@sean It’s weird to think of “murder mystery” as some sort of human universal for drama, but yet look at how most of the highest watched TV shows in any era are its cookie cutter cop shows; how much podcasting drifted to “True Crime” and so has a lot of documentary content recently, following that trend.

Which is not to say that it isn’t a trope worth criticizing or finding ways to tell stories without it, just that it is fascinatingly such a low level building block across every medium.

@sean (Aside: Asimov loved especially “Locked Door” mysteries, which are interesting puzzles to build, especially if you intend to be fair to your reading audience and make them solvable from clues in the text ahead of the reveal.)

@sean I think that’s a general problem in novels too. The public library I used to regularly visit in High School had the Mystery novel section right next to sci-fi/fantasy and it took me a couple years to see the wisdom in this. The easiest way to explore a fantastic setting dramatically is probably always going to be solving a murder mystery that is unique to that setting.

Reading Asimov’s non-sci-fi mystery novellas and shorts did a lot for HS me in seeing the blur between genres.

@Taweret @apLundell (Though given that when Blackgate, Gotham’s actual Maximum Sec prison, shows up in comics it is mostly for a breakout, so it can’t have much better security that Arkham. Though my understanding is Gotham is grateful its revolving door seems to send more criminals back out to Gotham’s Newark, Bludhaven, than to Gotham streets.)

@Taweret @apLundell It’s a Center for the Criminally Insane, not Prison for the Insane Criminals. Why would they have great security? It’s also another vigilante loophole for Batman; the revolving door and almost opt-in rehab center like environment probably works both ways and they are happy to take clients from Batman without a proper trial and conviction.

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