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Fireworks! 🎇🎆 

Today was Thunder! Over Louisville and I had a good one. I didn't host a party this year, so instead I wandered around catching Pokémon, drank good beers, had good meals including I was stoked to bump into a fave Indian food truck for dinner a block from my house. Watched some of the air show, watched all the fireworks half inside with the TV and half outside with the rain drizzle and my home view.

Medication complaint 

A problem with ear drops that you don't expect is how you randomly taste it for hours

Star Trek Fleet Command mobile free to pay 

Bugs me that the game uses a "subway metro" map for galaxy travel. In sure such a DAG is easier for the time wasting counters of the free to pay logistics, but the hub and spoke thing is more Stargate than warp travel.

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🐦 This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck 🐦 


Game Show: Homeless or Stoned? 

Riddle from a stranger: "If you are with people. If you find people. Tell them I am here. Just trying to figure this out. Whatever this is. Will you tell them?"

Are the iOS Mastodon apps worth the cost? Asking for a friend that recently returned to the platform for the first time since the iPhone 3GS and is still holding off new app purchases while the defrosting from cryosleep wears off.

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Urban gothic 

I hadn't realized the new soccer stadium was far enough along that you can see so many of it's metal bones growing up and out of the industrial foothills.

Steam Password Change Day 

Steam Guard notification of a login attempt from a Brazillian IP. That password at the time of breach was not even an hour and a half old! 49 characters.

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computing meta / magic / angry 

We already know exactly what's wrong with having devices like these. Not from scifi, but from fairy tales. With general computing embedded in everyday objects we have made /exactly/ the old 'magic' of tales, wherein your mirror can be a means of speaking with others, or give you false complements, or spy without your permission... Those cautionary tales are available to us and we're collectively doing a piss poor job of using them to scare the wits out of people so they'd realize how horribly dangerous it is. Grasping for new metaphors is a waste of time. The old ones were right on the mark.

Music app (more hopeful) 

Ooh, the Plex app is better now than I last remembered it being. I guess there was a good reason I paid them in advance of the current need.

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Music app (sad) 

Oh right, Groove entirely died this month. 😭 It's OneDrive music streaming was so convenient for me. I already miss it.

Bad portmanteaus 

I watch a few of the DC hero shows on The CW and have referred to them at times as "my soaps". The new term I came up with that is terrible but amuses me is that they are "soupers".

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Bad idea of the day: a soap opera that is also a space opera AND a rock opera

Steam Password Change Day 

Steam Guard notification of a login attempt from a Russian IP. That password was about two months old, 47 characters, high entropy.

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CW Supergirl 

You know, I had my doubts about Jon Cryer's ability to pull of Lex Luther, but color me surprised. Still weird that it is Jon Cryer, after the years of him only as the punchline in that shitty CBS sitcom, but yeah, surprisingly deep as an actor.

College Basketball Fandom 

Also, Women's basketball is more fun than Men's. Full stop. I should buy season tickets again maybe.

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College Basketball Fandom 

This bar just pushed some UK fans to a less convenient TV because I'm watching the Women's UofL game and more are watching the Duke game. I saw the look they gave me for watching a Women's game, but hometown over Idiot State, lol.

The impermanence of RSS things 

Another old WordPress blog I followed for years compromised by spammers and now to be dropped from my RSS reader. I feel like there should be some ceremony or ritual for this.

Web dev UX questions 

My users expect Excel or at least VB6 datagrids. Is there a data editing component that doesn't suck? Given how all the big ones are now commercial, how do you tell which ones don't stuck without paying for them first? Is there a better UX in 2019 that plays well with users expecting/wanting data grids?

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