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Steam Password Change Day 

Steam Guard notification of a login attempt from an Indian IP. That password was 46 characters and lasted apparently almost 5 months.

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Today was a good day for a donut chicken sandwich. 😍


No, YOU brought a liter mug to the brewery across the street to fill with fresh Märzen beer. 🙃

College Football HATE 

Also, FUCK you Chick-Fil-A for being even bigger sponsors of College Football this year. You homophobic bastards aren’t going to convince me to buy your mediocre fucking chicken sandwiches with your schmaltzy sports commercials.

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College Football HATE 

Seriously fuck the Florida State Seminoles and their whole racist ass mascot and aesthetic. Yeah, your casino mafia of a First Nations neighbors say they are cool with it because it brings in casino revenue, but that doesn’t make it right you white Florida Man and Florida Woman idiots.

Our dystopian present 

There’s a few RVs I see parked in the same spots for weeks at a time. They aren’t technically homeless because, you know, RV, but they must be some sort of poor, downtrodden. No access to power. Knifes edge of functionality / wear / tear. It’s an odd economic indicator that worries me.

Care Bear take 

I have always believed Cousins >> Bears. There’s fewer of them. They have more personality. They have more character growth. Their plushes aren’t just redyed and re-embroidered sameness. They are instrumental in all the biggest battles (though sure only because those are when the toy manufacturer reminded the writers that the Cousins exist).

(As a kid I had a Brave Heart Lion plush. This is indeed an always fight.)

I may be late to the donut box most days, but as a fan of jelly donuts I rarely worry there won't be a donut for me.

Weapon of Choice s-post 

Decided to build a new gaming chat service to be called Datcord. You can go with Discord or you can go Datcord.

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uninstalling the phone app on my phone, boost if you agree

VB6 Hungarian Notation Amusement 

The VB6 app I'm inside the guts of, per the nature of such things, has a ton of weird Hungarian Notation. It also does a ton of metric conversion everywhere for the usual VB6 reason of storing everything in US Customary and converting all the time always for Metric users.

The conversion function takes a Unit enum that explains what the existing unit is, but with the Hungarian "eu" prefix makes it sound like convert TO "EU Feet" 🤣

USPOL, cursing 

The only question I had about the DNC debate: how many people on stage?

Sounds like there was still at least 7 fools too many.

This media circus bullshit is an absolute mistake and is exactly how we got the last election's results. I get "choice is nice" but divided we fall. Nothing like starting the process pre-divided to hand over a divide and conquer silver platter to the opposition.

You aren't going to beat fascism with a primary scrabbling for fucking demographic crumbs.

Lewd saxophones 

Mentioned to a community of friends that Is had the saxophone solo to "Baker Street" stuck in my head all day.

Was informed a girlfriend of a friend in said community was a humble bragging about a burlesque act to the same song cover, particularly about quite how many toy saxes she engineered into the costume to pull out at key intervals.

I love that community of friends. Among other things, it's clearly very sax positive.

Sea of Thieves Pets vs Classic Lit 

I was greatly heartened to hear pets can't be shot. As much fun as it might be to recreate The Mariner in a controlled environment, in SoT's uncontrolled sandbox: no, just no.

Also, Rare should have Albatross somewhere in the pet backlog.

👻Windows XP👻 

That feeling when you forget VMs don't inherit the (💩) CA nonsense of the host. It should probably be air gapped anyway. Guess this is one stupid way to enforce it.

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👻Windows XP👻 

It's that Phase of the work year where I must break out the XP VM to use the ancient VB6 IDE to fix bugs in old software I've been trying to replace the rest of the year instead. 😱👻 Happy Halloween in September to me.

(Wow this VM is painfully slow. I forgot Windows XP even had this many ways to hourglass.)

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