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TV After Shows 

Why are “after shows” a thing again?

I guess I still wound up watching some of CW soups mega event after show disregard for the format so something is working about the shows.

Condo ownership 

Maintenance person came in to cut holes in my kitchen ceiling today. So now I have holes in my ceiling, boo. More indirect supposition on what the leak is, no “smoking gun”, but clues it relates to neighbor’s shower upstairs.

Bad Chinese Food pun 

I heard a buffet forgot who a dish was named after. It much have been General Tso-and-Tso’s chicken.

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@max @fribbledom
Broke: using normal insults
Baroque: using insults that reference art history

FB Portal Muppets ads 

I believe Kermit was replaced by his Fargo twin. I don’t know why a frog would grow up in Minnesota but after the Siberian cousin in Most Wanted I cannot believe it was for a good reason that did not involve wood chippers and pregnant small town cops with at least a few Coen brothers twists.

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Iron Man, Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian 

Before Iron Man, a lot of people told Marvel that it was insane to try to do a movie of a helmeted and armored character and show character emotions. Those critics were amazed by how well simple things like the “face cams” worked (though Marvel’s comics had decades of that kind of stuff).

The Mandalorian is just Favreau showing off, right? Bet Favreau wishes he could screen it for some of those early detractors.

@taweret The nativity scene you have been asking for (found in the FB mines):

Tonight’s riddle from a presumably drunk person 

The excited directive I was just given, as best as I understood it: “iHorse!”


Downtown driving snark 

Hi, welcome to downtown. We have a regular street grid. You don’t have to cross four lanes in a single block to turn, and hold up everyone behind you by taking up three lanes at once. You can afford to go an extra block or five. This isn’t an interstate with four miles to the next stop.

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Santa’s Reindeer thoughts 

@max male reindeer lose their antlers in winter but females don't so if santa's reindeer have antler's they were likely all AFAB

Santa’s Reindeer thoughts 

In the classic Reindeer names, doesn’t Vixen always stand out as interestingly gendered? Transmasc reindeer? (They all have Antlers in every depiction.) Santa says trans rights?

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been listening to a LOT of Aimee Mann lately. she popped up on a mix i made ages ago and i remembered how much i love the way she uses her voice. her stuff is also impeccably produced.

Never Surrender documentary 

No real surprises from anything in the DVD commentary, but cute/fun. Feel like I should watch Home Fries again, oh and also GalaxyQuest

Apple’s “Up”-like Ad 

It’s possibly my fault in the first place Hulu made me watch that ad for watching Single Parents like a big weird softy 🤣

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Apple’s “Up”-like Ad 

I cried. How dare Apple manipulate emotions like that, just to sell iPads?! 😭🤬😭

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