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Picard S1E3 

Starfleet made all synthetics illegal but didn’t include EMHs in the ban? Did Admiral Janeway seriously redact her logs or did they just not believe them?

Recent SNL Music guest (-) 

This Luke Combs sounds exactly like all his songs were written by an AI trained on every other country music song of the last couple decades.

Videogame music is weird 

I did think of a single movie equivalent. M83’s soundtrack for generic Tom Cruise led snoozefest Oblivion. I’d probably never watch that movie again, but that M83 album slaps.

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Adobe Acrobat shade 

I forget every time too! The built-in Outlook PDF previewer is great on home machines and past machines. I always forget until too late that Adobe forces itself to override the default and it is SO useless!

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Adobe Acrobat shade 

I can’t imagine there is a dumber “DPI aware” app on Windows than Adobe Acrobat Pro. (Auto-installed by work, one of several that I don’t think they get their all’s money worth by installing it on every machine.)

The UI is always scaled for the highest DPI monitor and the window size scaled for the smallest monitor. It’s never useful no matter which monitor it is on.

In Outlook previewer it’s thumbnail sized with Fischer Price size UI. “What is this, a PDF for ants?”

Apple Watch math 

It still bugs me that 2 times 15 minutes exercise is less than 30 minutes total exercise.

(Yes, I know, I know heart rate minutes versus walk time minutes. Yet still, the math irritates me.)

New life motto? (Out of context thing I just said [to myself]) 

It’s 2020: neuromance that shit

Parasite was wild

The end credits song was titled “A Glass of Soju” and that probably sums up my gut reaction in a way it might take hours to explain

OH Coronavirus insanity 

Listening to idiot white people *in a Chinese-American restaurant* discussing they heard “credible theories” that:

- China has a SARS vaccine
- Coronavirus is “definitely” related to SARS
- Coronavirus was made by China from (?) SARS
- Using Coronavirus on their own population for bioterror for reasons (?)

The multiple layers of stupid burns.

Videogame music is weird 

I can think of few other media where some of the magnum opuses of composers are relegated to maybe not the best examples of the medium. Like how many film composers would point to their best stuff as B-movies?

Frank Klepacki’s magnum opus is Universe At War. I played 15 minutes of a demo because the soundtrack. No one thinks of the game, this many years later.

Even Tallarico of Videogames Live seems fondest of his work on Advent Rising. That was a game that existed. 🤣

Murder By Death versus Ben Sollee 

A passing observation possibly too obscure by half: I like how much “Stone” from Murder By Death’s The Other Shore seems to be in direct conversation (is not quite rebuttal) with the title track from Ben Sollee’s Learning to Bend, even down to if I’m not mistaken some intentional similarity in cello themes.

Star Trek All Access 

It’s cute that they keep advertising all these non-Star Trek “CBS” shows, almost all of which I would be hard pressed to care less about.

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New Edge browser (-) 

It also shrinks tabs down to just fav icons? Gross, gross, gross. I want my scrolling back.

Probably time to switch back to Firefox as my daily browser.

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Employer gripes 

Employer Stop Mandating Useless Password Changes Challenge 2020 is already a failure. I hate password change day. Nothing like relogging into every surface under the sun that uses my AAD credentials coupled with the sad hours wasted by our terrible firewall and VPN to catch up to make you feel like the dumbest puppet in the security theater.

What We Do in the Shadows? 

Since Disney owns FX now, by the commutation laws all vampires are now Disney Princesses and Disney Princes.

I don’t make the rules.

Cable modems 

So, good news is I found out that my current cable modem is not affected by Cable Haunt.

Bad/frustrating news was that postcards from my ISP I had ignored for a while that I might be overpaying for service and I’d thought a scam were correct, that my modem is too old for modern speeds (and that’s also part of why this Cable Haunt issue is too new for it).


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internet is short for interminable netherworld

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Big Problem with the prequel and sequel Star Wars trilogies: not enough normal people calling force sensitives “wizards” and “sorcerers” derisively/dismissively.

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