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Business speak 

Working from home sometimes means accidentally glancing at work emails hours after you thought you were done. Big mistake tonight, got a doublespeak bomb that is working to crash my brain.

For instance, an exciting announcement that they are “streamlining” a management role by… splitting it in half and doubling the number of managers in that layer. I don’t know what sort of bizarre exotic fluid could possibly exist to make that aerodynamics metaphor apt there.

Terrible pun first draft 

Why did the deathrow guard (who didn’t know Spanish that well) allow the inmates all the salsa they requested?

He was Pico de Gallows humoring them.

Apple Card thoughts 

Don’t ask me why I have an Apple Card these days, it feels complicated to explain and weird to have.

Something I thought was a cute feature that somehow seems more important with use is the way the Wallet app colors the card. At first it seems like fireworks for using the card, but realizing the skeuomorphism here makes it almost a tarnish, paying it off in full a cleansing to the Apple “pristine”. An interesting psych trick, and maybe I’m starting to believe the hype.

Business idea: Contactless Dim Sum. You get a text every so often when a bicycle courier is near if you want a piece or two.

Guess I really need a Switch now. SMM2 added a mode with the same name as my gamer tag / blog name I’ve used since HS. Clearly that means Nintendo is advertising specifically and personally to me. I can’t believe they are that desperate, articles say Switch sales are through the roof right now. 🤣

uspol, cursing 

Here's my big takeaway though: Bernie's chances in 2016 at this point in the race before the Kentucky primary. Can we get a hearty fuck you to Bernie for not conceding this early to Hillary? Suppose it is just a coincidence he conceded to another old white man this year but unnecessarily drew things out until the convention in 2016?

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Well, I told people that it wasn't worth my time bothering to watch the democratic candidates because by the time of the Kentucky primary it wouldn't matter (as happened in 2016).

Kentucky's primary is in May. We still haven't figured out how we are voting this year and we have time to. Guess I won that bet.

Star Trek: Picard 

I know I made the joke about this being 100% Picard Effect with Part 1 of the finale, but Part 2 pretty much secures it. Like everything in the episode felt like Mass Effect, even down to the sound effects of the "reapers".

I liked Mass Effect at its most Star Trek, so I guess it is fair for Star Trek to just become Mass Effect?

Disney's Gargoyles 

I forgot how good the voice cast was. Also with guests and cameos it's got such a who's who of just about everyone with a distinctively deep voice working at the time. It's a very interesting nexus point of voice talent, even before you count all the TNG/DS9/VOY actors.

My NAS' status lights indicate it doesn't think it has an OS installed, likely because it doesn't even seem to be trying to read the disks. Wish there was someone I could have troubleshoot this for me.

(I'm not worried about having lost much if anything, but it bugs me not having a working NAS.)

Star Trek: Picard 

So they're just 100% in on "Picard Effect" at this point? Guess that's fine.

Also, the Soong's all look so similar across generations you cannot tell me there isn't some questionable cloning involved.


Oregano? OregaYES

*Dove flies past in garage*

Me: What is this, a John Woo?

Cue: It’s Going Down For Real

Picard deep cut 

Riker just mentioned the Kzinti and I’m floored for dumb fan reasons. 😆

(First live action mention, they showed up in The Animated Series in episodes by Larry Niven. They come from his Known Worlds series though there are differences in the Trek versions. More warlike cat race than Caitians. STO invented Ferasans because they couldn’t get rights to Kzinti. Did Picard somehow unlock the rights just for a throwaway ref? Or did they think it safe to throwaway?)

Picard S1E5 

It makes perfect sense that this weird human villainess would name herself after genital decorating


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Picard S1E5 

So Freecloud is exactly the Mass Effect 2 Omega station I expected it to be from the name? Cool 🙄

IRL bar subtooting 

Who orders a Jack Daniel Old Fashioned? *shudder* Especially in a bar like this with good Kentucky Bourbon overflowing the shelves?

Who downs an old fashioned like a taste less Coors?

This person is crazy

Energy drinks 

Why would our Atlanta soda overlords go with the overly wordy “Coca-Cola ENERGY” when “Coca-COALa” was right there for the taking?

Dining and ace 

Fortune cookie: A beautiful, smart, and loving person will be coming into you life.

Me: Et tu, dessert??

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🦆This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck 🦆 

Okay, hear me out.

- Family moves for dad’s new job
- You go to a new school where you don’t understand how anything works
- You meet a beautiful girl
- You do some drugs that the girl gives you
- The girl cheers you on as you taking your driving test

Dune is an 80’s teen movie

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