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Star Trek Lower Decks joke nitpicking 

A Klingon asks to stop by a planet’s “Little Klingon” for gagh. “Little Klingon, who?” Oh. Wouldn’t it be “Little Qo’nos”? Or maybe “Little Chronos” if you’re nasty? “Little Klingon” makes no sense and took me out of what otherwise would have been a fine joke.

Oddities in translation 

Finally after months (years?) realized that all of these things (mostly Asian in origin, but some not, likely influenced by the first group, idk) using the confusing to me wording "hi hi" did not intend "hello hello" (shorter, more colloquially), but rather "hehe" or "hee hee". (Or "hee haw"? ;)

Such an odd thing to be confused by for so long.

Black Desert Mobile opinion 

BDM: New class coming soon!

Me: Ooh, tell me more.

BDM: Second dude class in a row.

Me: Boo. Pass.

Gendered classes are dumb enough, but these dude classes are boring af. I suppose it is “fair” after like 3 non-dude classes in a row before this, but who wants fair? Why are gamers so in love with burly brawl dudes?

(Also, with six characters, mostly different classes, I know I have a problem, shush you voice in the back.)

I thought Roblox was doing well enough, I'm curious why three-fourths of the skeevy "pop under" ads I see are for Roblox?

Also the return of skeevy pop unders with a vengeance doesn't seem to bode well IMO for the web's ad economy if we are back here on the mainstream web ad networks and not just and worse than the pr0n profile ad networks.

The longer I allow my hair to grow the more how I sweat makes sense to me, and this is a weird thing. Spent most of my life wondering why I couldn’t see when I sweat, and like oh, no wonder, more hair soaks more of it, less of it to roll down my forehead and into my dumb eyes where it is mostly wasted making me cry with pain. Someone should have told childhood me. Hats were a dumb compromise. smdh

I don't know why I can suspend disbelief for "electricity creatures" but draw the line at "electricity magnet", but I do. I draw the line at "electricity magnet" and roll my eyes so hard and sigh. 🙄

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You can almost hear how bored the writers were writing this show. So many "jokes" about merchandising opportunities and contractual obligations to meet certain trope quotas.

I remember fourth wall breaking was "edgy" in the 90s, but this sounds a lot less like Deadpool (or Freakazoid) and a lot more like "please send help, the Mouse has our loved ones held hostage".

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These scripts are terrible.

Another on the list of Disney Afternoon hired all of the deep voiced voice actors for things (whether or not they had the scripts to make use of such talent): Tim Curry, Clancy Brown, and Brad Garrett in scenes together!

Also, I totally forgot that this was back when Commander Shepard was a Duck and not yet promoted to Commander/team leader. (Mallory is voiced by Jennifer Hale.)

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I don't know who needs to know this, but yes the 90s Mighty Ducks Animated Series about alien superheroes that look like ducks and maybe play hockey in between saving the world and selling toy vehicles, because Disney tried to own an NHL time in Southern California that one time named after an unrelated to the animated show movie, is indeed on Disney+.

Come for the ridic 90s kids hair metal theme tune, stay for characters that made many an avian furry.

Sounds like some sort of gospel or protest thing happening in the direction of the soccer stadium or waterfront park. I can’t really make out the words, but some of the feelings. No idea, almost curious, but not curious enough.

Ken Burns style narration of current affairs b/c I am losing it 

Dearest correspondent,

I fear I am losing this war with the flies. At least one has now matured to fully annoying adult size. A few days ago I sought to acknowledge to the resident house spiders that their time to hold up their end of the long standing truce was at hand, but I fear the message fell on deaf ears or perhaps neither of us was prepared for the number of forces our enemy brought to this war.

Yours safe at home, —Max

Terrible pun from hours of painful Authorization debugging 

I suppose Forbidden is at least one better than getting Fivebidden errors, but what can I do to get this down to maybe a Twobidden?

Dream contents 

Dreamt of what was essentially a reverse Matrix or Horror Tron, a bunch of software programs locked up in a fake high school in a crumbling mall most of the shops of which were work centers for the high school. The software policed themselves with teenage cliques and HS drama, forgetting who they once were, whatever they once did, however they once worked, just stuck as ugly petty teens struggling against the crumbling system and failing.

Modern mystery sub-genre idea 

“Locked phone mysteries”

Useless “new normal” observation 

I’ve started calling the week after a grocery run my “party week” cause it’s all grazing a strange mix of comfort food chips and dips, and fruit and veggie party platters. It’s good I’m getting fresh veggies in, and the sales on veggie party platters in the current normal where actual parties are rare are still some of the cheapest most convenient veggies right now. Anyway it’s party week, celebrating another month of survival and fresh veggies.

2020 has so lowered my expectations I had a fantasy dream about attending a potluck.

Cyber-Security Awareness 

@thegibson Found this in a box. Unmarked DVD whose only label was an insert card labeled “Cyber-Security Awareness Week” suggesting you auto-run it. Is this a trap? 🤣

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Paperwork (🤬) 

Going through a box from my parents’ move. Contents included paper mail, mostly bank statements, from more than a decade ago.

Some of it, unopened, oops.

One I just opened was a form that I never filled out with a 15-day request window that would have possibly saved my years of frustration. Ugh, oops, shit 🤬

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Screw chaos monkey randomly shutting down production machines to test resiliency

People should be given random vacation days to see what knowledge isn't distributed

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