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50 minutes in so far.

The sound design really is awful. The dynamics are just all over the map and there’s no reason for it. It’s like the reverse entropy of Edgar Wright’s sound work. Unnecessarily loud when it doesn’t make diegetic sense, such as during conversations that you can’t hear. Weirdly quiet in scenes you expect to be loud.

Rather glad I’m not watching this in a theater as I have the impression I might have walked out already without subtitles.

Dub step opinions 

Footnote [1]: Several interviews and YouTube videos I’ve seen with Skrillex give me the impression he’s really sharp and creative and to some extent he seems aware most of his albums to date have been lowest common denominator “assembly line” product.

I somewhat wonder if he’s the next Moby in that some time after he hits middle age he’ll kick himself into trying to make some real, challenging albums.

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Dub step opinions 

The best track from Skrillex in my estimation has to be “Bug Hunt” from the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack. Sure, it’s self-aware self-parody, but I think that’s what winds up elevating it creatively. [1] It’s got a great voice hook (“I’m going to wreck it!”), it’s hilarious in the context of the film, and it’s just infectious fun out of context.

No You Disable Your Ad Tracking 

I’m getting real sick of “Disable Your Ad Blocking to Continue” when the only “ad blocker” is Firefox blocking 3rd party tracking cookies. Here’s an idea: fuck off and find advertisers that aren’t creeps and crooks trying to make a penny on overanalyzing shitty crumbs of my browsing history?

And especially fuck Chrome that just using Firefox with default fucking settings is now considered “an ad blocker” enough that so many sites just have these annoying nags.

Amazon kindle changes 

Amazon: Good news, we’re finally grouping book series on the kindle.

Me: Okay, yeah that sounds like a good idea, might organize things som—

Amazon: And we’re only going to show the covers of the first book in the series.

Me: I’ve read the first books! How do I know which ones have *new* books 🤦

Mario Sunshine’s thematic music “Delfino Plaza” sure has an interesting Bluegrass pedigree. I don’t know where this lost tropical island in Kentucky is, but I’d love to find it.

Do you think with the remaster of Mass Effect more people will learn that Mass Effect invented the “future is so bright gotta wear shades in this spaceship with all the lens flares happening” aesthetic everyone blames on JJ Abrams?

Or will morons finally notice it in HDR and be outraged that the remaster added too many lens flares and must have been directed by JJ Abrams?

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the start of Goblinization! Plan your shadow runs accordingly.


Mass Effect: Andromeda 

“Thanks for letting us crash in your galaxy dudes. This couchsurfing is going to be totes epic, Andromedons!”

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Mass Effect: Andromeda 

I checked the MEA wardrobe and there was a casual outfit listed as NEW that I couldn’t remember from my past games. It might be that I just forgot? It’s amusing enough I’d think I’d remember it. From a patch after O past played? Or maybe it is a New Game + perk?

Anyway, just laughing at Ryder making first contact in a sports bra and Blasto tank top (and headphones draped around neck like a very “bro” necklace). Super cas, just got done with my space jog, first contacts

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Mass Effect: Andromeda 

Cora is such a weird character. Trained as an asari Huntress which seems like training for “Disaster Bi Space Witch” as a job, has exactly that style of hair cut for that sort of “job”, but then is all “No thanks I’m straight”?

I mean I support diversity in Mass Effects, but this remains the strangest “straight inclusion” in the series.

Pym Particles Conspiracy 

Look I know Carl Sagan said that Pym Particles couldn’t possibly be real and that Hank Pym was just a quack trying to steal money from the DoD, but listen I swear I’ve seen one of them insect people! Living in my bath tub! Probably spying on me for the CIA or SHIELD or something! I’m researching all those old science papers myself now. Maybe there’s a way to protect my house from Pym Particles. Things should stay the size they are, damn it!

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about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the


The forecast says its snowing right now and supposed to snow for the next few hours.

What is happening?

How does the saying go? April showers bring May flowers, but April snows bring May woes?

Godzilla vs. Kong 

Days later still thinking about how Legendary/WB “Monsterverse” Godzilla has just like the most boopable looking snout. By the end of the film I kind of wanted Kong to just gently boop that snout. I hope some animator did this for the world anyway and it’s a delightful extra on YouTube someday

Cursed Disney+ 

Recommended for you: Marvel Funko Pop Shorts

Hulu recommended “Supervized” about a nursing home of retired superheroes. (Including Beau Bridges as a retired super sidekick.) It was amusing.

Food delivery app nonsense 

I had been happy with DoorDash a year back but then Xbox gave me a couple months free Postmates Unlimited which I just sort of let roll into a membership. Then I got this fun sequence of emails:

Uber: Your account has been terminated due to inactivity

Postmates: Good news, soon you’ll need to login with your Uber account

Me: Guess it’s back to DoorDash, huh?


Idiot spammers 

“We got your email from KickStarter”

Wacky lies, the email you just sent to isn’t known at all to Kickstarter. You found it in a spam dump that only grows worse. Morons

JL: Snyder Cut 

Last night I made it almost exactly an hour and a half into the four hours. That wasn’t entirely the film’s fault, I was kind of sick and had no sleep the night before, but yeah the excessive slow mo didn’t entirely help. (Kept thinking HBO Max should give me a 1.5x/2x playback button).

➕Big improvements to the Amazons, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash scenes as I’d been told to expect. Far more Joe Morton, a criminally underrated character actor.

➖Slow mo, desaturated colors,...

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