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A screenshot of a Tumblr meme reminded me of my 2017 Halloween-ish scary short story I wrote in like two hours between dinner and a movie because I was thinking about the existential horrors of social media I called “Astral Plane Meteorolgy”.

Fairy tales tell you to beware of times when there is a magic mirror in even the general vicinity. They don’t suggest what to do when nearly everybody carries a magic mirror in their pocket all the time.

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On Eldritch Beasts and the "Witnessing this descends you into madness" trope 

I hadn't thought of this in words before, but it's definitely a resonant feeling and I'm seriously glad someone did.

Also racists like Lovecraft and xenophobes of all stripes can get fuuuuuuucked

Dark Capitalist Schitt’s Creek 

Following their audit the Rose family takes their remaining “joke” real estate asset to an LA real estate management firm that does an assessment on a good rental income plan and agrees to an up front licensing fee in exchange for higher gross on the management fees.

The Rose family happily demands rent of a town they’d never stepped foot in. Eventually it’s just another line again in a real estate investment portfolio to ignore again, especially as rents decline.

Masters of the Universe lore 

Today I was looking something unrelated up and was reminded that canonically Skeletor is also (according to toy lines and some of the cartoons but the 80s Filmation didn’t get to that arc) King Randor’s brother (Keldor) (and thus He-Man/She-Ra’s Uncle).

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Masters of the Universe lore 

I love that Adam/He-Man’s villains are even in the lore itself the weaker second rate cast offs of The Horde, She-Ra’s foes. Skeletor is no Hordak and even Skeletor knows that (Hordak was his mentor.)

But Hordak is always busy with the bigger threat with more power, She-Ra. 😸

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Masters of the Universe lore 

I love that Masters of the Universe lore is so bonkers because it was built for the back of toy boxes and for whatever reasons some of the best writers keep getting lore work on the She-Ra side of the family.

I appreciate the Netflix “Are you all watching?” screen as a great reminder to have concessions and visit the restroom. Though they should add one of those fun old time “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” animations to the screen, it would be less passive aggressive then “Are You Still Watching?”

“Glory be to we who live and diode”

I appreciate the new He-Man just going full metal magical girl transformation on that first transformation


Once again I am watching the latest episode of this show extremely drunk and just laughing my ass off like it's exactly the drunk fever dream that it is.

I don't think sober me would believe this show exists based on the way I describe it to myself (including on Mastodon) if it weren't so heavily advertised by Apple.

This show shouldn't exist, but it is AMAZING.

DS9 Theme Feels 

Something that always hits me when I hear the DS9 theme to this day was how huge it was to high school me. The DS9 theme was at the top of the playlist of the theme park I worked at in High School. You'd hear it a bunch of times throughout the day, but most critically when I timed my morning arrival just right like I was supposed to for my job, it'd play first thing in morning as I walked passed the entrance way fountains with no one else around yet just before gates opened. Regal


Oh shit, the marketing is working.

I may have squeed a bit when I just noticed that Apple TV sent an email *from* Ted Lasso written in Ted Lasso's voice.


Had a shrimp and snowcrab boil dinner from The Seafood Lady (actual restaurant name in my neighborhood) and it was great. Just like my mom makes (and made this past July 4th weekend even), but with extra cajun spices and at amazingly reasonable restaurant prices with awesome “people of the global majority” owners and staff. Love this restaurant.


I have just been informed of the Guardians of Traffic that they have taken the name from and I have a lot more questions including: Holy shit who knew Cleveland of all places had some secretly badass architecture? And also, why wasn’t the team always named this?? Because if you’ve got badass Kirby-esque New Gods in your city design, you flaunt that shit, right?

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Are the Cleveland Guardians going to trade the Angels for the Rocket City Trash Pandas to go properly vertical in the Space Raccoon mascot game?


I always forget how deductibles work. What a fucking nonsense system. 100% covered does not mean “100% paid”. Stupid deductibles.

I started (re-)writing a CYOA-style game in a programming language that doesn't exist (yet? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and I'm super happy with it.

I kind of like building a game first and then seeing if I feel like trying to put pieces together for the actual engine.

(This engine I've working titled "Project Threadbare", in part because of its relationship to what I wish Twine would be for me.)

Infosec (-) 

Anyway, tl;dr: I’m just a fucking developer, don’t listen to me, what the hell do I know? 🙄

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