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Do you think Hugh Jackman has water tank scenes in his contracts like how Tom Cruise wants to make sure everyone sees how well he runs in all of his films?

Dumb thoughts about porn 

I’m mostly certain that the only fetish I’ve picked up from live action porn is a weird fetish for superbly bad acting and that is the opposite of useful on real life. Pretty sure no one should ever get this horny about awful Kia commercials and Credit Union ads when they *don’t* lead to nudity


Also Sober-ing Me: Why am I having these weird seaweed burps?


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I was worried that I bought too much of this crispy roasted seaweed snack because wow does it have an… acquired taste

Drunk Me: Oh shit these are amazing

Drunk Me continues to eat entire container at a time

Sober Me: Oh good yeah, I forgot Drunk Me exists. Good work Drunk buddy

Programmer can delete parts of legacy code sometimes for a treat

Useless dream content 

Dreamt that I was living and working in London but my brain doesn’t really know anything about London so the dream was mostly a gray cubicle in an office building of some sort and coworkers telling me that they would show me sights, but then plans getting canceled or obstacles getting in the way. I kept trying to make lists of people I knew I should call to say I was in London but then not actually calling.

Owl House, in the middle of Owl Street

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Restaurants Rant (RestauRant) 

The Invisible Hand was a (shitty) metaphor, it was not an ask for machines to over-automate Middleman-as-a-“Service”

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Restaurants Rant (RestauRant) 

I like throwing in the bon mot about Adam Smith like that because it drives Libertarians nuts to see one of their heroes used like that. I can read 18th Century original sources and not just bumper sticker epitaphs. The Gig Economy isn’t some Libertarian Utopia, it’s exactly the sort of anti-free market bullshit that Adam Smith was railing against as bad and awful. Libertarians, go home you’re drunk

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Restaurants Rant (RestauRant) 

Middlemen like that are a cancerous symptom of, you guessed it, Capitalism for anyone still playing the Scooby Doo Investigations Unmasking At Home Game. Shocking discovery: it’s Old Man Capitalism again

Just because the middlemen are now “apps” and “computer algorithms” doesn’t make them new or less cancerous than when ancient sages (like Adam Smith) becried them antithetical to an efficient free market, but Capitalism doesn’t actually like free markets outside PR.

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Restaurants Rant (RestauRant) 

Sure some restaurants didn’t even get those two or four Big Nights in 2020. But you know who is most to blame there? Delivery apps. Delivery apps statistically easily accounted for the usual volume patterns for restaurants in 2020. But the delivery apps steal tips from restaurants and in some cases steal “fees” and “marketing costs” and more. Consumers were still consuming nearly as much but collectively their dollars were eaten by middlemen.

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Restaurants Rant (RestauRant) 

“Supply Side Economics” jerks: See, supply side economics means money “trickle down” to the working class.

Narrator: It doesn’t.

*A Supply Side Crisis Emerges*

Same jerks: See, the real problem is everyone eating at home. Consumers are really to blame here.

Narrator: It isn’t. They aren’t.

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Restaurants Rant (RestauRant) 

Most restaurants are designed to survive on low customer volume. Many restaurants survive most years on two or four Big Nights around the holidays.

What they can’t survive: fluctuations in food prices and availability.

The Global Logistics Crisis we are facing, that’s the killer. (Or you can unmask it further and just blame Capitalism.)

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Restaurants Rant (RestauRant) 

Seeing some memes blaming restaurant failures on customers eating at home more and, uh, anyone eating at home more should easily see the signs of the real killer: the weird fluctuations in grocery stock, the annoying fluctuations in food prices, the empty shelves in supermarkets that used to pride themselves on the illusion of never having empty shelves, and so on …

Feel like you can call me the Odysseus of Kroger. Every trip the grocery last couple months has been raining when I left the building. Don’t know how I pissed off Poseidon tho

I keep thinking about Centaurworld.

One of the bits of art on Netflix gave me the wrong impression it was a series based on those old Charlie the Unicorn internet famous shorts. (Candy mountain, Charlie!)

I was both more prepared and incredibly less prepared for Centaurworld with that mistake.


Book thoughts 

I keep thinking I need to read way more of Samuel Delaney’s books. Delaney is probably the closest real world person version of Ben Sisko’s 1950s Benny sci-fi writer persona, if Benny was also gay adding to the intersectionism. One of Delaney’s most famous 60s works is even about a space station!

I made the mistake of starting with Dhalgren, which was a tough read for me (it’s a black and gay capital-L Literary sci-fi hallmark). I can visit Dhalgren but I couldn’t live there.

I’ve made it 13 minutes into this episode of Schmigadoon before a i’ve need to take a break and catch my breath my laughing too hard. Sober me is really not going to believe this episode happened tomorrow.

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