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Matrix: Resurrections 

All told … it was fine. I think I liked it more than the first one but not as much as I loved 2+3. (And yeah, I know people don’t like that I disliked the first one.)

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Matrix: Resurrections 

NPH is too good playing fascists and creeps.

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Matrix: Resurrections 

The other thought in my head was Trinitarianism: The One and the Three are the same. Some moments here punching that bag and I’m left wondering if this movie will make it explicit. (Probably not? I don’t know, it’s still early.)

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Matrix: Resurrections 

I paused it here because I was thinking about a pair of fun Matrix theories from the past few minutes of the film:

Agent Smith and Agent “White” are both played by actors with strong, uh, flamboyant character backgrounds. Hugo Weaving and Priscilla obviously. Groff I can’t stop thinking about his Hamilton role.

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Matrix: Resurrections 

Paused it here for a second and really captured by the “snow” extending out of the frame. Any other movie and I’d assume it was bad compression artifacts, but here I wonder

Ron’s Gone Wrong was good

(Not quite The Mitchells versus The Machines good, the obvious comparison, but good.)

YouTube (-) 

YouTube app: Good news, we added this new annoying feature. Isn’t it great? Oh here’s an off button by the way, you probably won’t need it.

Uh, kind of feels like you knew exactly that no i’ve wanted that feature if you have to make the off button in a prominent banner at the top 🙃

Feeling old 

Squishing on this twenty something bar friend of a bar friend in large part because she looks like Carmen Electra and *knowing* 100% that if that’s my go to reference here I’m old and probably too old to even talk to her without feeling like a creep 😬

I suppose a sign to buy new shoes is when water leaks up into your socks because there are no real soles anymore

Food (weird) 

Otherwise it’s fine and tastes about as expected, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again, and bought it mostly for the novelty anyway

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Food (weird) 

Decided to try the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mac’n’Cheese but because I’m not that much a masochist only in the microwave-able “single serving” bowl size.

1) It’s not Macaroni, it’s Fusilli (Jerry!), so it lies right on the box
2) It’s more of a cheese soup but that might have been my preparation (it has instructions only for Microwave as most American packages assume people don’t have electric kettles and it says not to drain it, but I probably should have drained it some)

NSFW? #chrismastodon 

Hordak's helicopter seems very "designed for her pleasure"

I guess that's one way to sell toys

If Hasbro needs another quick reboot/spin-off in the Masters of the Universe, uh, universe, using some recycled Transformers, these throwaway (?) lines of dialog suggest they could try: Masters of the Universe: Manchines versus Monstroids

Which would be a rad title for an 80s show

Nothing quite says "Fancy Space Coordinates" better than "I don't know, just copy your bank account routing info from your checks"


Some of these Dr. Culver is also ship’s counselor are great, but where was this idea when Detmer needed PTSD help last season? Anyway, love the expanded role of Dr. Culver, just laughing this would have been a great idea a season or two ago as well

Finally fixed it by switching to “Spanish (Latin America)” and back directly even after switching it off and back on and to Dutch and back to “English (US)” failed. What a silly bug

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Pulled up this week’s Star Trek Discovery and am weirdly amused that apparently for subtitles, “English (US)” this week means “Spanish”

Third party code 

Survey vendor: There’s no back button because this is a very complicated workflow, instead [incredibly convoluted and stupid workaround]

Me: Ah, I get it, you’ve either underpaid for stupid developers and/or have forced them to build an Inner-Platform Effect monster because you suck at your company’s one job. Thanks for warning me you have a shitty app?

Cybersecurity Training 

If they want me to report suspicious URLs guess who is going to play False Positive Asshole now?

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