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DuckTales S3E2 

I appreciate the many layered onion of this episode’s commitment to metatext: The genie of the lamp claims to have been imprisoned this time since 1990 and the lamp is named to be the Lamp of Collie Baba which was last seen in DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, the 1990 movie. This nerd of a particular age appreciates the joke.

Youtube ads 

FUCK Youtube ads

If there was any other choice for some of these channels…

Yiutube tonight decided I should see:

1) a trailer for a transphobic piece of shit “documentary”

2) a 60 minute podcast rant of some bully pulpit jackass conservative

I reported both things as bullying/harassment. Don’t expect it will matter but FUCK Youtube and FUCK whoever is paying for those shitty fucking “ads”

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So I urge you to sign . Let's try to at least firewall those unregulated casinos so far off the real world that they don't harm our social and economic systems and our fellow human beings.

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Dream thoughts 

Had a tiny dream this morning. Just really short. But it has been haunting to me all day despite how short. I ended the dream crying and woke crying so that’s maybe not surprising I keep thinking about it.

I should find a professional to talk to.

Condo owner problems 

I had a nice view of some neighborhood trees from a few of my windows and my balcony. They razed an old one and a half story building across the street and it’s parking lot and have been building a six story thing, sigh. The construction just got to the wood frame of the third floor topping now the height of those trees and leaving me upset what’s through the posts is the last I’ll see of these trees from my place. Goodbye trees 😿

Weird IBS symptoms 

Something I’ve noticed when I hit certain IBS stages is that I start to feel Super Paranoid. I don’t often hear that as an IBS symptom, but I read (well, skimmed an abstract of) a study recently that suggested that not only are their direct emotional states nerves/hormone exchangers in the gut (gut feelings are real) but one of the hypotheses for their role included that of inducing paranoia as a giant Caution flag when in distress. Weird if true, anecdotally sounds true to me

Application Gothic Horror 

The Xbox app had been stuck in a perpetual Schroedinger’s Login state. It knew I was logged in. It also did not think it was possible I was logged in and asked me to log in. I could not sign in because I was already logged in.

I was both logged in and logged out at the same time.

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Ooh, the Windows 10 Xbox app just updated into a state that actually works again for me (for the first time in like a year). Neat. Maybe I’ll try some PC game pass games.

Useful Information, Relevant to Many Interests on Mastodon 

This channel on YouTube is:

- A cat cafe
- In Japan
- With a model train setup
- That dubs old kaiju noises on top of the videos

Star Trek Picard 

It was brought to my attention that for similar reasons to why I refer to Picard S1 as “a Mass Effect season”, S2 is very, very much a BSG season.

Bob’s Burgers Spoilers? 

I must have missed some stuff because I was entirely surprised when Ant-Man showed to beg Tina to bring her new mutant powers to the Spider-verse as a Deputy Burger Avenger.

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Today’s lunch/early dinner was a vegan crunchwrap supreme. Nowhere near as cheap as just getting one from the Bell of Tacos, but still filling and comfort food.

Thinking about going to see the Bob’s Burgers movie, but I know I’m a couple seasons being now. Hopefully I won’t be too lost in the Burger Cinematic Universe.


…and the interlocutor finally switched to something close enough to an ad hominem attack I’ve declared Debate Fallacy Bingo. I will cherish my “no prize” for a few days. Thank you internet stranger.

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Admittedly, I realize this tactic itself of not directly addressing the proposition myself is a Fallacy fallacy or Argument from fallacy, but I never said that *I* was emotionless and logical interlocutor. Also, I’m mostly sure they don’t know this anyway. I may be a psuedo-intellectual, but I’m intellectual enough to be dangerous.

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Some idiot interlocutor on a friend’s FB post about ban “Ban All Automatic Weapons” whined the post was more “emotional than logical” and then proceeded to emotionally use a bunch of logic fallacies, so I’m taking a piss pointing out all the logic fallacies. People don’t even know what logic means these days or how logic works.

I know I’m just wasting my time and pissing them off, but it amuses me.

Microsoft BUILD 

ML fever is I suppose one reason I feel burnt out by the current software industry. All this spending on it, all these job description, and I just absolutely don’t find it exciting or that good of a use of time/resources versus outcomes to date.

I’m even working on/with more of it than I would like and am something of a local expert on aspects of running it. Woo, wasting my time on crap! (Can you tell I’m burnt out?)

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Microsoft BUILD 

Ah yes today is the keynote where I have to work very hard against my ML cynicism to keep my eyes from rolling all the way out of my head by the end of this crap

(It’s crap. It’s a circle jerk of bad feedback cycles masturbating bad feedback cycles. Such crap, wow. Look at all these cute demos people got the crap to do that will never work properly in the real world. Ooh, aah, sparkly demo crap. 🙄🙄🙄)


“Originalists”: The right to privacy doesn’t exist in the Constitution.

Originalist ignores the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 14th, …amendments

Me: 🙄

Also, Originalists: The “well regulated militia” clause in the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean anything

Me: 🤦

Originalists are morons

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