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Technical interviews are stupid 

There's a part of me that thinks just asking me to do that and not compensating my time disqualifies it is a job I even want. But that's also a part of me that is complicit into why I'm 7 years into the same job and sort of bored and wondering if my career path even has a next step (much less a future).

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Technical interviews are stupid 

Pissed at myself for spending 7 hours of my Saturday on a "take home test". (Pleased I stopped myself at that point, I could have let it drag into Sunday or worse.) What other profession puts up with this free weekend labor "next steps" bullshit to maybe see if the job is a good fit?

Food snobbery (fake) 

Saw one of Scalzi's burrito posts on Birbsite (I'll spare y'all the link) and John named a key ingredient "mayoreo". He'd be taken a lot more seriously in his food scholarship if he used the proper term: cookies 'n' creme aioli.

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Your occasional reminder that .io isn't a fun computer domain suffix like .horse, it's a geographic domain suffix mired in British Empire colonialist bullshit. Don't use .io for your tech startup


Just sprinkling oregano and parmesan on top of frozen pizza after it comes out of the oven. "It's not *Pizza Hut* delivery, it's Digiorno."

The easy to crack "secret" of Hut Favorite Seasoning ™️


Huh, this chapter has a lot of "sneak" sections. Normally I dislike sneak sections and find many to be unintentionally silly. This seems intentionally silly and I'm not hating it.

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I love how many puzzles I've solved *backwards* just playing maximally curious and chaotic cat. Did I need to do that? No not at the time. Did I need to that eventually, turns out yes.

Often that's a knock against certain sorts of adventure games, but it feels very cat


If I was in charge of cutesy naming this vulnerability I'd have named it JNDIpocalypse or something like that. Sure log4j is the lever, but JNDI is the terrifying eldritch god level horror that will make this truly endemic to all Java code for the rest of time, probably. All the bean counters are busy asking "Does your project use log4j?" today but that's the wrong end of the stick. Does your project use JAVA? A bunch of devs signed off on RCE as a platform service (JNDI). Horrifying


I thought it would be a great idea to add mushrooms to an arrabiata (spicy Marinara) sauce and it was a good idea but the moment my brain wondered where the beans were I started wondering if this is just Italian "chili" now

iOS quirks (-) 

Reinstalled SwiftKey because I was (supremely) tired of the built in swipe to type rearranging words two and three back from the cursor. I already checked those words! Backwards predictive text isn't helpful to me, it's just annoying.

The Simpsons S33E22 “Poorhouse Rock” 

The (last season finale) episode ends in a giant musical number about the dwindling American middle class that pulls ZERO punches. Oof and wow 🤩


I had an old Comixology search tab. Amazon finally redirected it to Amazon search results. In the redirect it lost what the original search had been (gross), and the Amazon results when I did remember what the search was were so much worse.

I like~ that after a decade of a rock solid Comixology comics reader instead it now goes to the Beta (!) Amazon Manga Reader (really, that’s the official name?) missing 3/4ths of the old features 🤦

Amazon really made a dog’s breakfast of Comixology

For All Mankind (S3E6) 

Immediate next scene,

Ed to Danny: I’m going to keep enabling your BS.

Damn it Ed you gentle caring moron, sigh

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For All Mankind (S3E6) 

Oh look, someone’s already stepping up to Oxycodone. Yelling at my TV “fuck you Danny and fuck your subplots”

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For All Mankind (S3E6) 

Oh hey, some big scenes on gay rights. Someone claimed that FAM’s timeline was too utopian, but look at this shit storm. In alt universe 1994!

Seems quite a bit worse off than our 1994 in this area to me.

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For All Mankind (S3E6) 

Danny remains the worst character this season. Also love~ the “give the kid with a family history of alcoholism some opiates” (Codeine) scene. I’d rather not see where this story might go.

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For All Mankind 

It has been low key amusing me so much that Andrew Stanton directed these key Mars episodes.

He is particularly known for how much of a flop he directed set on the red planet. (He directed Disney’s John Carter.)

Feeling like quite the sophisticate eating these flaming hot cheetos with my fancy stainless steel chopsticks 🥢

I wanted the Fritos Scoops last night at the grocery but all the bags I saw were still in bootlicker fash “Salutes the Troops” badging. So now I just have boring regular Fritos for my dips.

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