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Feeling bougie 

Got an invite to a $1,000 a ticket charity concert. (It also included an alcohol paired meal and a limited edition bottle of bourbon to take home.) For a brief few minutes I realized I was actually considering and even thinking “well, it’s for a good cause…”

I don’t think I can actually afford that in my budget this year, but it was fun for a couple minutes pretending that I could and that weird realization how close $1000 felt to “discretionary spending” compared to other times.

Clueless Microsoft Branding 

I know the X in the streets, Y in the sheets meme is often overplayed, but I can’t stop laughing at the onion layers to this one, including “Viva Engage” absolutely sounds like a trash porn name. 😹😹😹

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Clueless Microsoft Branding 

So now it is “Yammer” in the streets (its own site and apps) and “Viva Engage” in the sheets (when embedded in Teams and Outlook). “We have no intention to kill the Yammer brand we just want to align our Enterprise brands”. Yammer: Enterprise brand with years of history; Viva: “we didn’t think Cortana was an Enterprise brand name” 🙄 Maybe Viva/Viva Premium should have been branded Yammer+ or some shit instead? Who is this “Yammer has two names now” useful for? Wtaf?

Fake Meat Burger Showdown 

Did a bit of a side-by-side comparison and I think that with my “cook it to a lazy medium on an aging Foreman grill” I got better results from Beyond patties than Impossible patties in my weird burger week.

(My weird Autumnal Burger craving: bacon, horseradish cheddar or hot pepper cheddar, onion, and apple butter. That spicy cheese with apple butter I think just screams “It’s September, where are my Pumpkin Spices and Halloween decorations at?”)

The Princess was a fun, simple action film. Very videogame plot: unnamed protagonist who barely speaks outside of cutscenes and is referred to mostly by title has to fight from level to increasingly wild level with escalating boss fights. Not a complaint, I think it worked for the movie.

Star Trek: Lower Decks 

I don’t know anything yet about this new Admiral Buenamigo other than his name is literally “Good Friend” and I love everything about this including hoping for an inevitable Evil Admiral turn. I trust someone named “Goodfriend” implicitly

Paramount+ feature “Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank” looks 100% like “We have Kung Fu Panda at home”

Thanks, Paramount+ for the laugh at your expense


I did wind up finishing the 8 hour movie late last night and had these takeaways:

- I am still weirdly upset that the titular Pachinko outside of the intro, B-roll, and recaps got maybe four scenes total. Again, I get it was a metaphor, but that intro set up some false advertising I felt the show didn’t deliver.

- They didn’t finish adapting the full book and need more than one season?! Oof, so it’s not just one 8-hour movie? How many hours of trauma do we need here?

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Unnecessary movie comparisons 

Casino: A three hour action ride through some of the ridiculous of early mafia-owned Las Vegas

Pachinko: An eight hour drama about intergenerational trauma where the Pachinko parlor is nearly more of a metaphor than a common location to the plot.

I know this is on me expecting a bit more action from the title and not realizing up front Pachinko was would be the metaphor and I’m just a ball falling from the top of this movie to the bottom.

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gender neutral term for catgirl/catboy 


American Healthcare (Stupid) 

American Healthcare is such a miserable pile of horseshit

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American Healthcare (Stupid) 

Saw the dentist earlier this week. The insurance claim is still processing (of course it is) but they sent a small mail letter claiming I owe $2.40 “immediately” because the *pending* insurance payout is predicted to be $2.40 cents short (for “100% coverage” appointment). Like they are desperate for funds despite being a massive conglomerate and spending a good portion of that $2.40 just on postage of this useless statement letter. 🤦

BS on so many levels 🙄

I have had people ask me if the conference idea was a joke. I believe in it enough I invested in a website for it. I really do think that all my time at technical conferences almost all the best sessions were standing in a line somewhere (for badges, for food, etc). I don’t know if you can capture that impromptu energy by “scheduling” it, but it seems worth the attempt just to see what happens. Worst case what happens is you have a day at an amusement park. Seems genius to me.

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Thinking it’s time to revisit my technical conference idea. I had it a few years back but then we had a couple years where it wasn’t a great idea to schedule conferences. The idea: all breakout sessions to be held in the ride queues at an amusement park. No reading slides, just “passion”.

Maybe I should start with a call for speakers? @wagesj45, What technical topic would you share standing in line somewhere?

The Two Genders (terrible Web RX company edition) You’re depressed, get anti-depressants quickly without talking to a real doctor! You’ve got ED! Get little blue pills fast!

Ah yes, the two genders: Depression and Boner Problems

(I hate all of these ads)

Angular yelling 

It does surprise me that you are in a JS based CLI and need to spin up a whole damn Browser instance for UNIT testing JS or that it’s an entirely different browser harness from Angular’s preferred integration test harness (Protractor)! Do Angular’s team members know what unit tests are supposed to be?

Yeah, Node has its quirks and is missing a few browser APIs (that you can easily polyfill), but it’s still a damn V8 process, just like “beloved” Chrome!

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Angular yelling 

While I’m complaining about general Angular things. I have never in my development life seen Karma tests *work*. To be fair:

- I don’t have Chrome installed (nor do I want it installed)
- I use Firefox as default browser

It doesn’t seem a surprise to me that the favorite test tooling of a Google team relies so stupidly hard on Chrome.

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Angular yelling 

Yelling about Angular’s idiotic reliance on peerDependencies in npm for the hundredth time

I know npm workspaces didn’t exist when Angular 2 started but come on now, npm workspaces exist and let you use real dependencies like a grown up project, and you can stop relying on your untestable psuedo-workspaces even with your goofy hard on for monorepos

Apple directions 

The other week in Indy I used walking directions everywhere and the app asked if I wanted to switch that to my default and I thought sure, why not

Cracking up today at one of the "Time to Leave" alerts telling me it will take two and a half hours if I start walking now


Yeah definitely don't understand how seeing this movie Andy would want a Buzz and not a Sox or why there were no Sox in Toy Story 2's toy store. This movie is tearing the franchise apart 😹

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