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I set up a simple zapier flow to try to cross-post to facebook. I have too many friends and family that only see posts there.

Saw _Battle of the Sexes_ tonight and _Professor Marston and the Wonder Women_ last Tuesday. () It made for a somewhat strange double-feature I wasn't entirely intending. (I meant to oreo Blade Runner, but Battle dropped so quickly to discount house.) Feel like I should have watched them in the other order due to some of the way the themes cross-over, and which one felt most hopeful (and more emotional) at conclusion.

Not that it isn't problematic and punches down a bit more than it needs to. But there are some topic explorations where RPG almost feels the perfect medium, much more so than TV.

I've been finding South Park: The Fractured But Whole strangely compelling for some of the same reasons I stopped watching the show regularly, and I think the difference is having some small agency within that satire; both the parts that work for me and the parts that rub me the wrong way seem better when the RPG asks me to buy into them in the systems design/exploration. Possibly the biggest criticism is that there isn't more of that, that some of the punches feel pulled comparative to dialog.

Setting up Mastodon on a five letter .com domain I've held forever. The original idea was to be a storybook. I guess Mastodon is a sort of storybook.