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I'm not sure about Gecko, but Tesselated is interesting. 🤔

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@darius A passing thought on Bot ethics: Maybe bots on Mastodon should use a Content Warning for "bot-generated content"? I know you are good about adding transparency to Profile summaries and often use "" to help, but a CW is a clearer bit of transparency for boosts and out-of-context displays in places like Federated Timelines. What do you think?

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I liked the Halloween Orange icon for VSCode. It felt like a needed respite from the far too many blue taskbar icons. Blue is boring. RIP orange.

There's a bunch of Google Fiber pole work happening a block from my home, but our neighborhood isn't on the official list and seems unlikely they will actually wire my home, but hey there is hope, I guess.

Why do I have three different Android SDK paths with 12 different SDK versions (many duplicate) installed? Why do none of them work right? Will the real SDK path please stand up?

Mobile development is SUCH a minefield of terrible surprises. Both Android and iOS individually go to such lengths to keep developer productivity low (admittedly not on purpose, but intent doesn't matter/help in this case), and trying to build for both at the same time is just a glutton for misery and accidentally randomly losing limbs every time you accidentally step on a mine. I want to burn both systems to the ground at this point.

Dreamt a silly shaggy dog ghost story about a beligerent drunk in the 1920s-ish who went to stay at a friend's Upstate New York mansion full of ghosts. There was a lamp that would flicker every time he argued with his wife, so she told him to turn it off. It was the kind with a bar you click back and forth. He reached for it and was shocked, not with electrical but electoral energy. He became a Senator for a few terms, and died mysteriously while running for President.

That point where you realize the story you are dictating about the contents of a dream within the dream isn't going to get typed up and sent back to your room, no matter how good the staff at the dream inn.

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This article gets to some of the things bugging me that contributed to the existential dread that led to a recent short story of mine:

Short story:

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Fantastic set by _All the Little Pieces_ at tonight's . They played their full album "The Legend of Lavinia Fisher" with narration, plus some beautiful covers. (Dusty's indian entrees and chutney's were great spicy accompaniment.)

It's been merely four days since Halloween and I'm already sick of all the Xmas ads. This War on Thanksgiving keeps getting worse. We may need to add more fortifications around Halloween; candy sales are a good commercial bastion to hide behind, but may not be enough.

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