just got the most frustrating rejection to a job application in my career.

they like me! they like my code! i passed the technical! and yet!

their personnel needs have changed since FRIDAY and they can't continue interviewing me.

but they want me to stay in touch because they really want me.

as if i trust them now to follow through. bridges get burned both ways. if i'm still looking months from now and they reach out i would consider it but with a hell of a lot of reservations.

it would have been less painful to be rejected outright.


@pixelpaperyarn I've felt that before. Both the "we've just pivoted hard from what we thought we were doing later week" version and "we liked you but realized we couldn't afford you until it was too late in the process" version are tough to get back.

But I think I still prefer it to outright rejections on "culture fit" or "not the right kind of technical/not technical enough for us". That last one and it's impact on impostor syndrome is particularly an angry Kryptonite for me.

@pixelpaperyarn It's the big companies I get the worst "you aren't technical enough" vibes from, so there's definitely no green grass anywhere. Software interviewing just is terrible.

@max most definitely.

and yes, realistically, this is a whole lot better than a form rejection.

once i calm down (it's not them it's just the pattern i'm upset about) i already know i'll be glad to take away what i did from the experience.

i'm technical enough for them and that's a big confidence boost which is good going into another the start of another interview process tomorrow.

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