imagine actually being in the star trek universe and your coworkers porno holodeck version of you doesn’t get him fired?

@meheeners If they fired Barkley for this they’d have to fire 90% of the fleet.

@tesseract I was referring to dr bashir but lmao every single series has an incident

@taweret @meheeners @tesseract Hmm, was it the holoprogram Julian Bashir, Secret Agent? (S4 Ep: Our Man Bashir)

@meheeners @taweret @tesseract I figured there was more than one. Trying to refresh my memory from Alpha.

@max @meheeners @taweret In the Barkley episode Troi kinda acknowledges that people go onto the holodeck to fuck all the time. And in Perfect Mate, Riker gets so hornt he basically announces to a hallway full of people that he’s going to the holodeck for sex now.


@tesseract @meheeners @taweret Quark also lists off multiple erotica holo programs throughout DS9 to potential customers and having a good selection is good for his business. Like every art medium, porn sells holosuite time. I didn't a good list of Bashir holo stuff on Mem Alpha but it had a list of mentioned erotica names.

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