drawing up some 1/16 page ads for U of L's home game programs this season.


@thegibson Excellent aesthetic. Only issue I have is that it balances hard right. Web address next to phone number draws the eye out of frame before the email address. Without the https:// you'd have a softer draw, and the then-longer email address below would pull the eye through the remainder of the page.


@wetdryvac @thegibson At that point you might just drop the web address as redundant to the email address? A subtle typographic hint like a slightly different font weight (as in maybe not bold, but semi-bold) to the web address part of the email would be a possibility.

@max @thegibson Unfortunately, keeping both means that folks who click away / go to the next advert when not seeing an expected something goes down some. Also, name repetition sticks better in memory.

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