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Tbf, as great of a piece of satire as the movie is, I think it's also an excellent example of why satire is fundamentally not an effective tool, it just entertainins the people who agree with the point it's trying to make.

@mal @mirzaba I think it was a more effective cultural tactic in a bygone era, not so much now when everyone is enjoying everything "ironically" unless they aren't, and when the internet is a massive engine for systematically stripping everything of context.

@Zero_Democracy @mal @mirzaba when I was more of a lib, this is why I stopped watching "The Colbert Report." They did a poll of whether viewers thought it was satirical, and all of his right wing fans thought he was just comically expressing his real beliefs.

@activationfxn @mal @mirzaba “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” From a story about the porous nature affected personae and how they interact with politics. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother_N


@Zero_Democracy @activationfxn @mal @mirzaba@cybre.space Leave it to Vonnegutt to more succinctly explain why the internet has pushed us past the Satire Singularity where satire is seemingly impossible after the internet, than I've tried in years. Wonder why that's one of the only Vonnegutt novels I've never read.

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