Yo opinions are allowed to change, it's fine and good and healthy

I mean fuck I used to think Wheel of Time was good fantasy

I made it like halfway through book 5 before I realized how fucking awful that series is in every way

People make mistakes

I keep seeing people who usually take any and every piece of media to fucking TASK be excited about the Wheel of Time show just because it's not going to have an all-white cast and, like, yes that is very good especially in high-fantasy settings but

Did none of y'all idiots read the fuckin books? Cos they're basically just misogyny for ~7800 pages. Hard. Pass.


@witchfynder_finder @Red I remember someone trying to convince me that WoT only sounds so misogynist in summaries because it's so feminist it bent back around to misogyny in summary, which is why the series is so long. I'm not sure that argument ever made sense but it left more of an impression of the series on me than trying to read the books ever did. (I made it a chapter before boredquit, I think?) It was not a convincing argument that it was worth my time to get past my boredom.

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