they're fine action movies

honestly I think a lot of people shit on them because they're just action movies, but at the same time, the most successful trek movies before were also just action movies

@mal @kioskwitch which Treks were action movies?? I can’t remember the first one but I always felt like the movies were just... Funnier and Longer Trek episodes. as if that’s its own genre 😂

@venusinlibra666 @kioskwitch

WoK is widely regarded as by far the best and it's just a flat out action movie

Voyage Home yeah deffo comedy haha


@Red @mal @venusinlibra666 @kioskwitch It explains why Spock was so drugged out in The Voyage Home and why the Enterprise in such bad shape stealing a Klingon Bird of Prey sounded easy and logical. So it's fun as a very long intro to Voyage Home if you have time.

Watch it in a double feature with Voyage Home. If you really have time it forms a tight continuity trilogy with WoK, but you can probably skip WoK as lead in to Search because you'll remember WoK at least.

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