Ty, funko pop. I'd always wondered what piglet would look like if he was a soulless demon from hell

@taweret They don't even care anymore.

They know people are just buying these because they think they're going to be valuable.

They could just put a rock in the box and it wouldn't matter.


@taweret @apLundell We're probably close to some anniversary or another of Pet Rocks. Maybe time for them to come back. πŸ€”

@taweret @max


For a while didn't they sell one that had a USB cable coming out of it? That was also a good gag.

@taweret @max Hah! Yes. That's hilarious. (But probably funnier around the year 2000)

@apLundell @max "can't believe i paid for this even though it's a meta joke product where the that's the whole point"

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